Terrazzo step: The design element you need in your home

Is your terrazzo staircase getting old and it is time to repair it? Then you don't have to stress about it because there are many flooring service providers who have expertise in terrazzo step repairing in Sydney CBD.

Terrazzo is one of the best-looking flooring materials and it is all natural. It consists of ballast i.e. marble chips mixed with cement. The best part is that you get to choose from a variety of colors that will suit your home or any other space.

Step Repairing
Step Repairing

But a terrazzo stair can also be damaged if you do not pay attention to it. Nosing of a staircase is a delicate part and it should be covered with a strong cover but terrazzo nosings are usually not protected by any fixed cover. So, when you drag down heavy items from the stair, there is a possibility that the nosing can be damaged. But you can get it repaired easily as there are many terrazzo step repairing services in Sydney CBD. The level of repair depends upon the kind of damage. The repair process involves the insertion of stainless steel into the new materials, and tapered edges must be cut to a vertical profile before repair.

There are numerous benefits of installing a terrazzo step and they are discussed further.


You should never doubt the life-span of terrazzo. As it has the strength to last longer than the entire life-span of a building. So, having stair care made of terrazzo will not only give you durability but also you don't have to worry about replacing it even after a long period of time. Terrazzo has a high compressive strength and it can handle heavy foot traffic without being damaged. But if neglected and not maintained properly there is a chance of damage but you can be stress free as there are many terrazzo step repairing services in Sydney CBD and they can repair it easily.

Low cost

It is a win-win situation for you as the terrazzo is affordable and visually appealing. So, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket if you opt for terrazzo stairs. 

Flexible in design

Stairs are the attraction of any house, and you have to be sure that they stand out in terms of design, and nothing beats the terrazzo when it is about design. Terrazzo is created by combining multiple marble or glass chips with suitable resin color and the outcome is amazing and visually appealing. You will never fall short of design for your stair. In case if your stair is damaged, terrazzo step repairing service in Sydney CBD will repair your terrazzo stair and try to match the design as close as they can.

So, keep worries at bay and contact the best terrazzo step repairing service provider and keep your terrazzo stairs in best shape and style.


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