How To Save On Bathroom Renovations? This One's For You!!

A bathroom is one of the most common places in the house. We are talking about hygiene. Therefore, it is necessary to make the room clean and tidy, without mould, mildew and chipped tiles. However, not everyone can afford expensive repairs.

How to save money on bathroom renovation in Menai without compromising quality and safety? 

  • Walls

The most versatile and rational way of finishing wet areas tiles. In order not to splurge on wall decoration, it is best to choose a small square tile, since a large or rectangular option will cost more and create additional difficulties during the installation.

Among the advantages of using this material is long service life. Even a cheap source with good care will last for decades. The tile is resistant to temperature extremes that often occur in the bathroom. Besides, the material is practical: even if the surface is damaged, the tile can be easily replaced with another without large-scale repair work.

  • Plumbing

High-quality sanitary ware can be purchased not only from popular brands. If you do not want to overpay for plumbing, then take a closer look at the budget counterparts of lesser-known brands. It is not uncommon to find products that are of equal quality but can save you about half of your bathroom renovation budget.

If you have a cast iron bathtub at home, do not rush to throw it away. It can be refreshed with enamel or acrylic liner. The bathtub will look like new and you will save on dismantling and disposal of the old one. If you still decide to renovate the bathroom, then it is better to give preference to the acrylic option: it heats one and a half to two times faster than cast iron and will last an average of 20 years.

  • Ceiling and floor

A budget bathroom renovation does not imply stretch and false ceilings; it is better to choose whitewash. To do this, you will need a putty, moisture-resistant paint and a primer, which you need to fix the result. You can use colour: dark shades in a small room will visually make the ceiling higher. You can also trim the ceiling with plastic panels. This is a good way to hide all surface imperfections. But it is worth remembering that such a coating will eat up a few centimetres of the ceiling - it will visually and physically become smaller.

It is better to use ceramic tiles as a floor covering, having previously laid a screed 3-5 cm thick to level the surface. But it is better to refuse linoleum as a budget option. Such material will not last long in dampness - mould may appear under it. A few square meters of expensive moisture-resistant linoleum will cost the same as inexpensive, but quite suitable tiles.

  • Accessories

This is where you can save a large share of your budget. In fact, accessories are not directly related to repair, so you don't need to buy all of them right away. You don't have to choose bathroom décor from one collection. You can combine elements from different styles and buy them as much as possible.

Bathroom renovation is a mandatory exercise for all house owners. A Professional Bathroom renovation service in Menai will transform your bathroom into something new and classy.


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