Why Business Productivity is the Key to the Future?

COVID 19 has led to a highly volatile situation. Right now in the pandemic situation business leaders around the world are facing a lot of critical decisions such as how to take care of the people who are working for them without making sure that there is no effect on business productivity. At present, the focus of the industry is on acclimatizing itself to the unavoidable changes that will happen to our work-life environment. They also need to decide which challenges are more critical than others. These are the ones that they need to deal with first. They need to focus on making the basic workers in their organization more productive. 

Soft skills will play an important role in this context. This is because only when these basic employees are at their most productive it would help India become a true economic superpower. From an individual perspective, there will be a lot of emotional challenges while working in the New Normal. Companies are putting a lot of emphasis on office productivity. However, the genuine challenge is in being productive while working from home. Recent reports by the likes of Deloitte suggest that organizations have seen lesser overall productivity because they could not use every role in the organization. Normally, the productivity of a professional depends on the role that she or he plays in an organization. 

The ideal framework for work from home

There are a lot of organizations that are implementing the work from home system for the first time. To date, it is only the IT (information technology) and ITES (IT-enabled services) companies that have used this system. There are a few points that the HR (human resources) professionals in such companies need to consider for defining work from home. This includes both the software and the hardware that is being used in the organization. A major factor, in this case, is taking responsibility for all the equipment that the employees would need to be productive while working from home.

The role that digital technology can play in this scenario

There are a few aspects that companies have to take into consideration here. First, technology is now no longer a choice. It has become a way of life. In the first phase of COVID 19, the companies moved to a digital workspace from a physical one. There was not much emphasis on the right policies or ways to make better usage of technology so that people could be more productive. This would change in the second phase. 

Business productivity in the present economic condition 

This is a rather pertinent question when you come to think of it. The demands of employees and customers are changing. Therefore, there is such a need to define productivity anew. There are changes in both emotional and financial needs. Business models are changing, and cash flows are vanishing for so many industries. So, the companies have to remap their business models and also change the way they define productivity. Doing so would help them with navigating these choppy waters.

Ways of handling employees who are not cooperating

Before COVID 19 happened, every employee wanted to give her or his best at work. These days the situation is unique, though. Even the slightest of disagreements can lead to a paradigm shift of sorts. This is where business leaders can play such an important role. They need to have the chemistry with the employees. This helps them understand what is causing such a breakdown. The most prominent factors in this context are the likes of lack of commitment and poor engagement.

Upgrading the job market in rural areas

The best thing to do right now would be to decongest the metros. Certain metros have significant population density and have thus become the hotbeds for the infection. After all, many people are living for work in these cities. One of the best things that companies can do right now is to give their employees the chance to work from wherever they can. If it means that they would have to work from rural areas, so be it. This would also help to spread digital skills among the people in the rural areas.

Impact of COVID 19 on the hiring of white and blue-collar employees

At present, companies have stopped hiring because of the COVID 19 situation. Still, when the essential sectors such as warehouses, factories, and retail outlets open a lot of the workforce would be missing in action. That is the dark reality as it stands now. You can expect that after the situation becomes normal, the companies would have to realign their hiring process. They would need to hire more new employees, especially the blue-collar ones. This would also make it necessary for them to impart the necessary skills.

Tools to monitor WFH (work from home) productivity

Companies and business leaders would have to define the reasons for which they would use such tools. Would they look only at the outcome of such work? For WFH companies have to be transparent and they also have to have faith in their employees. This will make sure they are more productive. Regarding HR software technologies you have a lot of options such as geo-fencing, surveys, timesheets, and collaboration tools, to name a few. The companies need to create the right balance between employee relationships and the usage of such technology.

Expected shape of economic recovery

It is difficult to predict how the economic recovery would shape up post-COVID 19. However, some sectors such as infrastructure, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture should come out quicker of the quagmire. Quantitative easing, though, would play a major role in this context.

BCP Planning and better utilization of technology

Experts feel that BCP (business continuity plan) is an important factor right now, and technological tools such as Microsoft Office 365 can play a major part in the same. Several companies are now launching websites where interested companies can get all the solutions and resources they need for BCP. These websites are offering both third and first-party solutions that can help these companies meet their business continuity requirements. 


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