HR Challenges for industrial activities Post Lockdown alongside COVID-19

It is common knowledge that the present situation is something that the industry had never expected would happen. The virus has affected close to 150 economies around the world. The developed countries have been the hardest hit. From a practical standpoint, business activities have stopped almost completely. This also implies that when things get back to normal, there would be a recession. The situation is extraordinary, and so it needs similar initiatives and efforts for them to deal with the same. There is also a lot of uncertainty regarding how long the effort of the pandemic would be in effect. At present, all experts can make are assessments.

Right now, the businesses are all focusing on surviving and weathering this storm and being sustainable for the foreseeable future. They are also attempting to maintain and save their assets and making sure that they do not become non-performing ones. Several sectors such as hospitality, aviation, and mobility have been the most affected by this situation.

Workforce management by the Fortune 500 companies

The Fortune 500 companies are looking at their frontline workers, such as the delivery staff as COVID warriors. They are facing a major challenge in connecting with their customers, especially in industries such as oil and gas. Therefore, they are focusing only on the essential fundamentals. They are providing their teams with only authentic guidance and information. They have also set up hyper committees that have been meeting almost every day in the last couple of months. They have also sent necessary advisories to their stakeholders.

The difference in productivity between directly operated outlets and franchisees

Till now there has been a negligible difference in productivity for companies that have both directly operated outlets and franchisees. In many situations, the customer and delivery teams of the dealers have responded well to the situation. The big companies are also offering their dealers ex gratia money as a way of supporting them in these tough times. They have also included them in their medical insurance programs.

Plan for new initiatives after COVID 19

The bigger companies have learned quite a lot from this situation, and they are also undertaking a lot of new activities. They have now realized that it is possible to work from home. They also realize that perhaps they need to further develop their work assignments. They had previously developed technical competencies for every role in the organization on paper. Thanks to the ongoing crisis, they have been able to take it ahead. They are also looking at ways to align their customers with their internal stakeholders at any point in time.

The success of some companies in responding well to the situation

Some companies have been able to show agility and responded well to the present crisis. Much of this has happened because they have offices outside India too. This is especially true for the HR (human resources) sector that uses the best HR management software. Companies have now realized how essential HR software in India are for their employees. Earlier they wanted solutions that helped them control the work being done by their employees. Now, the paradigm has shifted towards concern and care for them. They are still using the same tools, but the purpose is different now.

Progress being achieved by the HR companies

The HR companies are now developing new products that their clients can use instantly in this present condition. In fact, most of these products were ready even before the pandemic hit India. However, there is now an increasing demand for the same. The levels of engagement and activity have doubled. They are also hiring a lot more people and collaborating with various partners. 

HR companies taking care of stakeholders and clients who do not have a smartphone

In such cases, HR companies are using the best HR management software that provides SMS based services. They are also using technology such as tower triangulation to track solutions that are being used on the old handsets. These companies have clients who worry about the fact that some of their workers have moved back to their native areas. They want to keep track of them because they care for them. This is where these SMS services have proved so very effective.

Suggestions for the badly affected industries from the HR companies

The Indian government has developed an app named Arogya Sethu to provide people all the latest information about COVID 19. These HR companies are attempting to reach the team responsible for developing that app, hoping to tie up and integrating their solutions with the same. The basic idea here is to keep more people safe. Through apps such as these, people can get so much useful information, like knowing how far they are from a Red Zone. They are looking to be parts of such a national movement and making it accessible to more people for free across the country.  

The unusual situations faced by the large power sector players

So far, the biggest companies in the power sector have not faced a lot of issues because of the pandemic. The major reason for that is the fact that they had planned for it a lot earlier – before the disease hit India. This is especially true for companies that are working outside India too. Therefore, they knew what would happen. They had business continuity plans for every department in the organization.

Improving HR practices in big organizations

COVID has forced the major companies to change all the practices they followed in the workplace. The disease made it very important for them to take that path. They had to revisit all the processes, systems, and policies, and change them in such a way that they suited the people working in the organization. They have also been flexible and adjustable with their HR practices in keeping with the need of the hour. They have understood the need to redefine these policies. Their biggest priority is safety. Therefore, they started processes such as tele-medicines. They have also allowed their employees to send scanned copies of these bills so that the customers can pay them easily. 


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