Utilize The Two-Way Radio Accessories To Enhance Your Communication System

Communication is the bridge that connects people. Effective communication in business enables efficient working. Communication between the emergency team is necessary to avoid frantic confusion. The importance of effective communication can’t just be explained with words. Loss of communication at workplaces can lead to chaos. That is why most businesses use two-way radios for communication. Two-way radios are reliable, private and above all it is instant. The two way communication system is not just common at job sites but it also has a lot of other uses. It is used by trekkers, campers and tourists to keep the team together and by police professionals for communication among different stations and much more.

What is a Two- Way Radio?

But before jumping into the topic let’s have a clear idea about the two way radio. A two way radio is a communication device that receives information via radio signals which are either a very high frequency VHF or ultra-high frequency UHF. The UHF radio and VHF radio differ based on the frequency that it transmits. Two way radios can receive and broadcast messages without a recipient, unlike a phone. The two way radios are not dependent on the cell towers or phone lines therefore it ensures uninterrupted communication. To enhance your communication via two ways radios, try using the following accessories.

Difference Between UHF and VHF radios

The UHF radios are best for indoors as they can penetrate through steel and concrete. It uses shorter wavelengths and broadcast between 300MHz to 3GHz and works better with shorter antennas, Whereas VHF radios are better for outdoors and broadcast between 30MHz to 300MHz. A UHF VHF radio works well both for indoor and outdoor.

  • Antennas

The antennas give the user an opportunity to customize their radios according to their need. Most of the radios come with removable antennas. A stubby antenna is ideal for motion and has a high range. It can also be hidden in cloths due to its small size. The UHF radios have a shorter antenna compared to the VHF radios. Therefore it is best for users who are in constant motion.

  • Earpieces

Earpieces help you from being heard by others through your two way radio system. It confines the radio traffic only to the wearer or the users. If the information is sensitive and has to be kept private only to the users then earpieces are the best pal. Earpieces are designed to be small and lightweight that doesn’t draw the attention of the people. There are different models of earpieces to satisfy different customers’ needs. It can be a single wire, double wire, d-style or surveillance.

  • Carrying cases

For the proper functioning of the device and effective communication, it is necessary to protect the device with care. To protect the device from everyday wear, dust and water, carrying cases are necessary. These carry cases help to prolong the life of the device. 

  • Speaker microphones

The speaker mic is an essential accessory to improve communication in noisy place. The speakers connect to the radio and will be placed at the users’ shoulder making it easy to receive or transmit messages. The speaker mics are really handy as you need not remove the radio every time to receive or transmit messages.


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