How Are Insect Defence Net Better Than Other Insect Repellent Options?

Insect nets and repellents are doing well in the market for years now. However, both types come with their own set of pros and cons. Read on to know more. 

Insect net vs. Insect repellent

An insect net is prone to wear and tear, and you might feel hot while using mosquito nets in the bedroom. An anti-insect net or mosquito net might also offer a cluttered look to your room. Folding and unfolding an insect mesh seems like a headache to the majority of the homeowners.  

Insect repellents, on the other hand, come with concentrated chemicals that are capable of repelling away mosquitoes and other insects.  But after a certain period, mosquitoes tend to develop resistance to such repellents. 

However, some people are interested in using insect mesh in India, as it keeps the harmful effects of the chemicals at bay. Moreover, insect nets have a variety of other purposes too. Here are a few qualities of an insect net that makes it a better option.  

  • High strength 

An essential quality of an insect net is its strength, and you cannot ignore that. The anti-insect net comes with high durability as they have to withstand the vagaries of nature and different types of insect attacks. The construction of these nets must be strong enough to withstand all the issues without damaging the net itself.

The insect mesh manufacturers in India need to make them secure during the time of manufacturing and production. The anti-insect nets should also be high on durability and long-lasting. 

  • Durable and UV stable

While talking about insect mesh in India, durability is a factor that you cannot overlook. They must be durable enough as these nets are also used to cover up the crop, and setting the net is a time-consuming and lengthy process. The cultivators can't replace the nets every day. They will expect the net to hold on in its position for several weeks and months without getting worn out.

UV protection is another factor that is also a must. The harmful rays of the sun tend to cause harm to the crops. So, UV stabilization is also a desirable quality in insect mesh. 

  • Perfect size

You need to remember at this point that different size mesh nets are useful for different kinds of purposes. The size of the mesh of an insect net should be customizable enough according to the user's needs and requirements. The perfect size of the mesh depends on the type of insect they will protect. That way, your insect net will offer you optimum protection.  

  • Customizable length and width

Make sure that the net cages you buy are customizable. That is because the kinds of insects, the need of the user, and the plantation area are the few factors that will determine the kind of net you need. So, the entire length and width of the net must be customizable no matter what. This matters the most when you are using insect nets to save your crops.   

Last but not least

Finally, it is needless to say that net cages must be as per the need of the user. They should also fulfil the requirements of the cultivator or farmer. That way, you can obtain the maximum benefit from these nets.

The above discussion was sure enough to make you understand that insect nets are way better than other insect repellents. The best part is they keep the harmful chemicals at bay. Also, you can use an insect net for a variety of purposes. So, buy a customizable net as per your needs and keep harmful insects at bay.  


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