Guide To Clear BBA Online Entrance Exam

BBA, abbreviated as Bachelor of Business Administration, is a well-preferred undergraduate level management program, for which a great number of aspirants apply each year once they complete their 12th standard. An online test for the BBA entrance exam is conducted by some top universities to analyze and review the personality and performance that is much needed in a future manager. Thus, applying for this entrance exam is a compulsory step to get an admission in the best course and college.

Management candidates who are aiming to get into a BBA course must be wondering how to study for BBA entrance exams after the board exams of Class 12. Students are studying for the BBA entrances to get admission in the best BBA colleges. It offers them the best opportunity to secure their future and study in their dream college.

Following are some guidelines to clear the BBA entrance exam that will help the candidates in their preparation:

Start with the Basics

The BBA entrance test is a basic aptitude and management test. Questions in the examination mostly include topics we have learned from Class 5th to 10th. Your knowledge of class 10 and 12 is examined in the Math section. Thus, it’s the exact time for you to concentrate on the basics. 

Learn Tricks and Shortcuts

One cannot get higher marks in the online test for BBA entrance by simply going for the conventional way of solutions that you learned in school. This method that we are approaching is lengthy and time-consuming. If you respond to questions throughout with those techniques, then the probability of losing time during the entrance test is obvious. Therefore, focus on tricks and shortcuts that will assist you to answer a question within seconds. 

Practice is the Key to Success

Practising as many sample papers and questions as feasible will be a great help. For more practice, you can also go for an online mock test for BBA which is known as the best way to clear the exam. Also, with more and more practice, you can reduce the possibilities of wrong answers. Apart from the online mock test for BBA, practice from question papers of previous years. This will help you to know the exam pattern being followed in an entrance exam.


Do not overlook the negative marking in the BBA entrance exam. Most of the institutions comprise negative marking in their exam outline. You have to be careful before you answer. It is advisable to leave out a question than to respond to it wrongly. You have to keep up the accuracy in your test while not forgetting about time management.

Time Management

These exams are frequently about time management. You have to respond to approximately 120-150 questions within two hours. This indicates that you are provided with one minute for every answer. The minute you use up extra time on any question, it is the beginning of your time mismanagement. Hence, plan and contribute your time accordingly. 

General Knowledge

Start reading newspapers. This is important due to general knowledge being an essential part of most of the exams. You should have an idea of what is going on around the world. Geography, history, entertainment, and basic science also have great contributions to this section. So, it is important to know what is happening in the world and which current events are going to take place, what was the theme of the previously held events, etc.

The tips mentioned above will prove to be very helpful for those who are going to enrol in BBA through an online test for BBA entrance


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