How To Balance Speed & Efficiency For MH CET Law Exam 2021

It is a point of general discussion among candidates aspiring to appear for the MH CET Law Entrance Exam that how can one work upon the speed and efficiency for writing their exam. As the year 2021 draws near, students have already begun their preparations. With only a few months left in their hands, students are hunting for quick tips to improve their study style. 

Understanding the fact that time is money in exams and even a second can change the game, here are some methods to incorporate in your ways to increase your speed. Well! Usually, there are three main approaches to enhance your efficiency:

Step 1 - Time Division 

Step 2 - Accuracy resulting out of good preparation

Step 3 - Calculation 

Points to improve your speed while attempting the MH CET 2021 Online Entrance Exam:

Step 1

Time Division - This is no secret that you only get 120 minutes to attempt 150 questions. Therefore, students need to ensure that they first try to attempt as many test series as possible to lessen the time they spend attempting each question. Things to do:

  1. Look at the section division carefully
  2. Give priority to qualifying sections and your specified subjects
  3. If GK is too hard, don't get stuck in a particular section or at a question
  4. Use the elimination method

Step 2

Accuracy - Accuracy to attempt the correct option in one go comes from practice. This means that you need to 

  1. Have a clear concept by strengthening your subject preparation
  2. Clarity in basics
  3. Enough revision 
  4. Sufficient mock attempts
  1. Do not waste time reading a passage over and over

Step 3

Pace up your Calculation - By the time a student has completed around 5 to 6 mock tests, he/she will know that quick mathematical calculation needed for reasoning and aptitude sections is a saviour. Therefore, maximize your calculation tricks. When you attempt any MH CET Law Exam 2021 mock test, do not use a calculator. Instead

  1. Learn to do large multiplications using quick methods
  2. Vedic mathematics is actually great in bringing clarity
  3. For mathematical tricks, start by square roots, cube roots, learn tables till 50
  4. Subscribe to online MH CET 2021 Online series on youtube
  5. Ensure to do mathematics sections first. 

Tips to balance speed in the English Section:

English section in MH CET Law Entrance Exam 2021 is the most tricky one as it requires attention to specific word usage. Demanding a need to go through sentences at least twice can be confusing. In this section, the key to success is being attentive to vocabulary. You can never be too certain about phrases, sentence formation, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, syntactic patterns. 

  1. Use elimination or odd one method
  2. Try to say the sentence in mind and coordinate expressions from the options
  3. Remember the basic grammar rules to escape dialect traps 

Eg - Subject+Verb+Helping verb+Object formations

  1. Keep special note if synonym has been asked or antonym
  2. Read options first, if a passage has been given
  3. Leave the section if it is too tricky or save for later 

Tips to balance speed in Logical and Analytical Reasoning Section:

This section is where the candidates face significant difficulties. Symbols, 3D images, identifying inconsistencies, mirror images intend to confuse us. However, to break the inquiries quickly, recognize patterns. 

For example, a data interpretation chart sometimes needs only a look to decipher whether a year has been productive or not. Therefore, it does not need any hardcore calculation.

  1. Be careful of language 
  2. Put the rationale before the rule
  3. Start from easy to complex
  4. Give a quick reading

Speed can essentially determine the MH CET Law Entrance 2021 Online Exam result. A candidate should focus on the above-stated points to maintain their accuracy and balance speed. 

Apart from that, each section is important in the paper, therefore, segregate your subject requirements as per efforts needed. If you feel the quantitative section is much more complex, plan your study schedule concentrating on solving a little more portion from this, while focusing on all. Having a precision-based approach is better than randomly attempting all questions. 


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