Tile cleaning and sealing – essential steps to be a pro!

Tiles have been an attractive option that enhances the aesthetics of any living space today. This accounts for the increased use of tiles for flooring. But Cleaning of tiles and floors is not an easy task, frustrating and demanding a lot of patience and time. But getting professional help can be requiring a huge amount of investment. Searing through this cleaning and sealing of tiling needs tips for handling like a pro. Here are some pro tips to make yourself at ease while cleaning chemicals and tiles effortlessly. 

Tiles are one stuff that will be subjected to stains, dirt, dust or residue on a regular basis. An effective cleaning will be highly essential to maintain a cleaner environment. With time the lustre of tiles will definitely fade and look dull, and tiles constantly are subjected to excessive wear also which are inevitable. Cleaning and sealing of tiles and grout can bring back the lustre lost. 

Importance of cleaning tiles periodically 

Tile cleaning is a time-consuming task that we all deter to handle. But when done it preserves the beauty of the flooring and conditions the tiles with prolonged life. It also plays a big part in reducing the costs burdened as annual tile maintenance, thereby reducing charges. Plus, a well-maintained tile avoids slippages and accidents due to slippery or breakage. This is why cleaning and maintenance of tiles are important, more than just for its aesthetics and looks. 

Tips for cleaning like a pro!

l Choose between a good acidic or alkaline cleaning reagents that can favour in easing your cleaning tasks. But before applying the cleaning chemicals try to wash the area completely with water. This enhances faster stain and dust removal.

l For tougher stains and deep grout stains, an alkaline wash followed by an acidic wish would greatly help in cleaning the area. Suitable tile treatments can bring back the lustre by at the effect of high costs. 

l Avoid usage of metal scrubbers that can induce more scratches unto the surface while scrubbing. Scrubbing is to be down slowly, and aggressive actions must be avoided. 

l Grout, the mix with sufficient consistency, to be required for sealing the tiling. Pack the grout to be sealed into the joints by taking the help of a grout float. This can ensure proper cleaning and sealing of grouts between the tiles. 

l If in case, there are wider grouts, you may opt for a grout bag instead of a float for easier handling and filing of the joint with the prepared mixture. 

l Once settles clean of the location with simple cleaning tools. Further cleaning and sealing can be followed by effective caulking. 

l Caulking can be down using a caulking gun that runs from one end to the other of the closed grouts.

Although polymer type grouts are sufficient for sealing, cleaning chemicals can keep the place immaculately tidy. Better stain protection is done when the tiles and grouts are protected by effective caulking techniques.  


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