All You Need To Know About Serving A Fire Extinguisher

Whether you are a commercial property owner, a homeowner, a hospital manager, or a school principal, must have fire extinguishers or fire safety devices on the premises. Most frequently, fire extinguishers are not only encouraged but required by local fire codes and standards. Purchasing and supplying a sufficient number of fire extinguishers is just half of what is required to protect yourself and your properties from fires. Fire extinguishers need proper maintenance through proper fire extinguishers services. To provide you with peace of mind and act as intended, 

When is a fire extinguisher to be serviced?

Fire extinguishers need routine maintenance and service because different parts of the fire extinguisher need to be inspected at various intervals. Each month, a qualified person or someone familiar with extinguisher inspections will ensure that the extinguishers are available, in the correct place, have clear and legible labels, have unaltered seals, and are not damaged in any way. Such guides, in-house, monthly reports, will be kept on record and include the individual who performed the inspection.

Your fire extinguisher service provider will include an annual inspection by a licensed professional company. Scheduling long-term fire extinguisher service depends on the form of fire extinguisher. Carbon dioxide and water-based extinguishers require a hydrostatic test every five years. Stored pressure extinguishers need service every six years. A hydrostatic test is required every 12 years for stored-pressure and cartridge-operated extinguishers. Consult with a qualified fire extinguisher service provider for further information about your long-term fire extinguisher service specifications.

Who can serve the fire extinguisher?

While monthly inspections can be carried out in-house, it is best to have someone familiar with fire extinguishers perform these tests. A licensed specialist company must perform the annual fire extinguisher program. Different companies trained technicians who can ensure that the fire extinguisher is adequately tested and worked. Calling a professional to perform these inspections will make you feel safe and comfortable knowing the fire extinguisher service experts have reviewed your equipment.

If you are unsure of the proper periods to service your fire extinguisher, you can contact the company directly. Without proper fire extinguisher facilities, you are subjecting yourself to potential fines, but you are also putting your life at risk. Fire extinguisher service is only one fire safety service that can help protect you and your belongings. There are several other safety measures that you should learn in line with fire extinguisher safety measures.

You do not have to be a professional firefighter to learn how to use a fire extinguisher. Proper use of a fire extinguisher can be a life-saving device. Though, most do not have fire extinguisher experience and do not know how and when to use it.

Finally, adequate instruction on correct usage and repair procedures is essential for a sound decision-making process during a fire extinguisher used in the event of a fire disaster. The above-detailed guide, however, will be a key to helping you understand the importance of fire extinguisher servicing and why it should be done regularly.


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