Which Laminate Is Best For Your Kitchen?

In a world full of options, finding a standard flat pack kitchen laminate is not going to be easy for you. Let us speak very honestly! You can design your imagination in your home, but when it is time to buy a laminate, you always hesitate. You not only become very confused on choosing the right type of laminate but also start thinking about where to start with. Here are some tips and advice on how to choose laminates that suit the aesthetics of your kitchen.

How to choose your laminate?

Before you go to purchase a wonderful kitchen laminate for your home, you need to bear in mind some major factors. Depending on the colour and finish of the flat pack kitchen laminates, we categorize these as high-pressure laminates which are used on plywood, and low-pressure laminates that are used on MDF or particleboard. There are varieties of laminates made of materials such as leather, wood, and stone. All ranges from 0.6 millimetres to 1.5 millimetres. It is suggested that you go for high- pressure laminates just because they come with qualities like low maintenance, high resistance to heat, economic viability, and durability. Mentioned below are some guides on the types of laminates out there.

  • Matte finish laminate

When it comes to matte-finish laminate, it provides moderate reflectiveness but a consistent standard finish. The greatest advantage of having these flat pack kitchen laminates in your home is it has excellent resistance to scratches and dust. So, they are easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free than other kitchen laminates available in the market.

  • Gloss finish laminate

If you wish to have a mirror-like shine in your kitchen cabinetry, go for this laminate finish. It gives a luxurious and elegant look to the kitchen space. But all things have their demerits. Gloss-finish laminates are more likely to get scratches, therefore need regular cleansing, for it shows smudges and fingerprints easily.

  • Textured laminate

While choosing a textured flat pack kitchen laminate, you should not buy a heavily textured product. Maybe it is scratch resistance but more susceptible to trap dust and grime. For stimulating the feel and appearance of the elements, woods, or stone, whichever it has, textured laminates are most appropriate for kitchens.

Cannot decide between glossy or matte?

People cannot choose which type of laminate is more attractive for their kitchen, glossy one, or the matte one! In this case, consider a mix-and-match of these two finishes. Demarcate the lower cabinets with a matte finish and the upper cabinets with a glossy one. By doing so, the ceiling lights will highlight the glossy surface and matte finish will be scratch-free.

Be smart while picking your laminate

Once you decide the right place to buy your products, browse over the details like the warranty on products, or if there is any replacement option for parts, especially if they are insured with any accidental damage. Eventually, when you are satisfied, purchase the finest flat pack kitchen laminates to brighten up your home kitchen.


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