All About Abstract Art

“Intrigue” is perhaps a constant with abstract art and artists. There are a few who are apparently dismissive of this form of expressionism. However, it wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to claim that abstract art intrigues everyone – those who understand it, those who don’t and even those who pretend to have understood it. There is no denying the fact that abstract artwork has clearly taken the world of painting by storm. An established abstract Australian artist, as such, can actually expect to earn in millions today! Here is a simple definite guide to abstract art. If you are totally unaware of what abstract art is – then it can turn out to be a great source to start off with. 

Is Abstract Art all about Nothingness?

We often associate the “abstract” with nothingness. That’s – of course – a fallacious way of perceiving things. Abstract art – is definitely not about nothing. Instead, in this form of art, you are required to make sense of the lines, textures, forms, patterns, composition and the entire process in order to judge the quality of work. Before delving into the basics of this form of art, we would like to acquaint you with its history. So, here we go!

A Brief History

Abstract Expressionism or abstract art was the high point of modernism. The proponents of this form started making their foray into the art scene and eventually came to be noticed in the 20th century. It was also the time when the world witnessed the art hub being shifted to the US from the UK.  People like Harold Rosenberg, Clement Greenberg, and Kandinsky emerged as the flag-bearers of this art form which questioned the existent forms of expression and sought to portray the existential concerns through mere lines, forms, shapes, and processes. If you closely look at the work of a contemporary abstract Australian artist today – you will actually go on to appreciate the fact, that they successfully concretize the very layered modern struggles rather than “nothingness”—as is wrongly believed. 

In order to grasp the very essence of abstract art, you need to keep a few basic points in view. Remembering the following – will turn out to be of help – we hope:

  • Abstract art is open to interpretation – It doesn’t mean that the artwork lacks sense or meaning
  • A cursory glance may end up confounding you – You are most likely not to be able to understand this form of art just by looking at the art form
  • Abstract art is a lot about stimulating emotions, and sensations through the line, apparently meaningless shapes and processes   

Things to Remember

It is not really correct to assume that what an abstract Australian artist does can actually be done by a kid as well. This primer will actually help you perceive the works of local Sydney artists in a new light. 

If you are really intrigued by now and are ready to invest in the works of the leading local artists then make sure you’re taking the trouble to educate yourself about them before selecting their work.   


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