How to Strategize Your CLAT Preparation?

Every year, thousands of students appear for Common Law Admission Tests. The young aspirants sit for the offline test to get admitted to the top Law Universities in India. The total number of students appearing for the test is 60,000 and of them, hardly 2,300 seats are for the undergraduate course while around 507 seats for the post-graduation course are available. The aspirants undergo CLAT preparation online to excel in the test. Cracking the exam to get into the top National Law Universities is no less than a dream come true. 

One needs to take a lot of effort to clear the test. You cannot get your position ascertained until you strategize your CLAT preparation. You need to know everything about the CLAT test before you start with the preparation. This guide will help you prepare for the test without any hassles. Here are the details that will help you know everything about the test and take the essential steps according to that. You will surely be able to score well and secure your seat in one of the top National Law Universities of India. 

Knowing CLAT 

Common-Law Admission Test or CLAT is held annually to provide a chance to those who wish to have a career in law. The test is conducted across the nation and the students who can crack the exam get admitted to the top National Law Universities. There are a total of 21 National Law Universities in India. Apart from these universities, there are some private and government law colleges and students can get a seat in these colleges too. Only the ones who can qualify CLAT are able to get themselves enrolled in these prestigious institutions. 

The young aspirants who qualify in the test get admitted to the five-year program in law. They also become eligible for LLB and LLM. Students who wish to appear for CLAT 2021 online have already reached the peak of their studies so that they qualify. There are five sections in the test and students need to strategize everything well combined with a proper study plan that should be followed without fail. 

Steps to be followed 

  • Learning the vocabulary 

One of the five sections of the test is the English section. It is quite easy to score in this section if you have a strong vocabulary. Those who are overconfident about their English often fall prey to silly mistakes and end up getting deducted marks. You also need to have a crisp knowledge of grammar. The most important thing here to keep in mind is that you can learn new words only by daily practice and not just in one night. You must set a goal for yourself to learn as many new words as possible and make your vocabulary stronger. 

  • Tricks and tips 

There is also a section of Logical Reasoning in the test. Now, this section is not easy for you till you are familiar with the formula and follow the right approach to solve this section. A few tips and tricks should be kept in mind to score well in this section. Also, you must be able to identify the pattern and incorrect statements. 

  • Taking up mock tests 

Apart from taking CLAT 2022 live coaching, you must ensure that you take up mock tests regularly. Even though your syllabus is not covered, mock tests will help you solve the most repeated questions. This way, you can analyze your performance and plan your further preparation. 

  • Time management 

You cannot clear any exam or test until and unless you know how to manage the time. Set your daily goals, try to accomplish them on time, and follow the routine. This will be beneficial for you in the long run. 

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