Everything You Need To Know About Sewer Peg Out

Anyone who owns property in Sydney knows the fact that for designing building plans, installing a pool or even for making additions or alterations of any sort to the existing structure on the property requires approval from Sydney Water for which one needs a sewer peg out report. This is in accordance with the law that requires permission from Sydney waters for any change that you make to your property.  Here is a complete guide about what sewer peg out is, why does one need it, its significance and how can a contractor help you with it.

What is sewer peg out?

A sewer peg out, that is also known as sewer survey or service protection report is one that the architects or structural engineers require in order to know about the location of Sydney Water sewer main and design the structure meeting the requirements of Sydney water likewise to avoid any unintentional damage to the sewer main. In case your property is over or adjacent to the sewer main, you will require a stamped permission from the governing body that is from Sydney Water. The peg out report is simply one that determines the location and environment of an existing asset of Sydney water that is in close proximity to your structure or property. In order to make this report, you need the help of a trained technician who can locate the asset and can prepare the report showing the depth, size of the pipe, or that of the structure and also the strata in which the pipe is in addition to the location.

Significance of a Sewer peg out

One needs to get hold of a peg out report protecting any damages to the sewer or water pipes or any associated infrastructure that can lead to Sydney water imposing a penalty or a fine for any such damage caused. To make the process simple and clear, Sydney Water has made it mandatory to review and stamp any development plans for approval. Depending on the approval status, one may or may not have to further assess the property. Such reports usually take around 2 to 3 days to make depending upon the company that provides you with the service. This takes us to the next point of discussion, which is: what makes it so important to hire an expert contractor and how does he/she help?

Importance of a Good contractor? 

The foremost consideration for anyone in today's hectic lifestyle is the requirement of time. As there are several different aspects that one needs to take care of while examining the property and preparing a sewer peg out, it requires not only time and effort but also expert knowledge and insight about the same. Trained and technically knowledgeable contractors use the state-of-the-art technology and types of equipment that help in providing precise and timely peg out reports. Moreover, hiring Sydney Water approved contractors’ further aids as they take up the task of taking the required permissions and approvals.

Take Away

As the sewer peg out is so crucial, one should look online for a list of Sydney water Approved contractors and then should look for customer reviews to make the correct choice of contractor.


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