Retrieve Your MAC Devices Data by Using BlackBag Forensic Solutions

With the advancement of the digital world, online data is humongous. The forensic department is facing challenges daily for timely extraction, preservation, and analyzing the data. Cloud storage has increased the effort of data access. Adding to this, the investigation has to be done for multiple machines and devices. It is a time-consuming process in order to image and analyze several computers, external hard drives, and social media when there is no guarantee that data of relevance will be located. Imaging several MAC computers that may or may not contain data relevant to an investigation is not only a waste of time but also a waste of storage space, and other resources. The BlackBag forensic solution has come to the aid for Mac forensics. BlackBag provides an expert forensic solution to analyze and protect data that can be potential digital evidence in any investigation.  

Forensic solution for MAC devices

The time when digital forensic recovery was like 123 starts, has longtime back gone. With software developers introducing new security software to increase the existing layer of security for the processor and data storage. Especially while working MAC devices the difficulty level of data recovery has reached new heights with the introduction of security boots like the T2 chip. The BlackBag forensic solution offers an effortless Mac forensic analysis to recover data from the MAC device. The MacQuisition is a software solution that is specially designed for triage, data acquisition, collection, and forensic imaging of MAC. This software runs on the Mac OS X operating system. The software can safely boot and acquire data from over 185 different Mac devices. It is the all in one solution to all Mac related forensic solution problems.

Functioning of BlackBag

A few points related to MAC should acknowledge before stating data recovery. The type of MAC device, whether the device has T2 chip installed, and the file system that is currently used on the device, if FileVault 2 is enabled the password or the recovery key. These questions can be answered with the help of the BlackBag software. The MacQuisition can identify whether a T2 chip is installed, the type of file system, and whether the FileVault 2 is enabled.

Sorting of data

The software analyzes the device to determine whether any relevant data exists. It browses through Mac’s files and folders by using a combination of the file location file name, date, size, and content. It also browses through media connected to the files and the folders, if any.

Acquisition of data

The software then creates a physical image of the Macintosh devices with apple T2 chips. It acquires data from a forensic point of view. It only accesses the data that is forensically important and avoids known system data. The obtained data and Metadata are stored by associating with the original file. The following storage obtained data in the source is noted throughout the collection process.

Live acquisition of data 

In the live acquisition process, the software acquires and saves the contents of random access memory to the desired device. It collects live real-time data such as the internet, chat, and multimedia files. The RAM is captured live on Mojave. It has 26 unique data collection options like active system processes, current system state, etc. The software is extensively used in forensic imaging as it supports the APFS file storage system present in Mac devices. The BlackBag forensic solution that is customized for Mac OS is a real game-changer.


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