7 Things to Ensure Your Corporate Team Building Event Hits the Spot

Corporate offsite meetings or offsite team building activities do not need a mesmerizing venue or a sumptuous lunch to become successful. Successful offsite are those that you facilitate thoughtfully emphasizing the People factor.  

Offsite meetings or team building activities, when done effectively, they are an excellent use of time. So, to make offsite team building a grand success, you need to concentrate on the human factor. Here are seven ways to do so.  

1. Keep things small

You cannot but resist your urge to cram in as many people as possible according to the venue's capacity. That is understandable, especially when you try to consider everyone who is a part of the activity. As an employer, you seriously need to control your temptation and keep the group as small as possible. 

2. Participation is Mandate

Engagement & Interaction starts right from the week before the event. Keep your employees interested & hyped up for the Big Day. You should never keep the participants aloof of everything and need them only at the time of the post-event feedback survey. To be a great facilitator, you should make sure that every participant engages him/her in the event. 

3. Establish Fresh Social Contact

When at a corporate offsite, you are not in your office space. So, there’s no need to maintain your office work culture. Corporate team building activities are the perfect opportunity to bring a change. You can try to switch the ‘business casual’ dress code to only ‘casual’ for that day. 

4. Keep A Break Out Zone

Parking lots, Gaming Sections, Lawns, etc are the best places to indulge in some conversations. Such interactions are always essential but off-topic. In some cases, they might be too deep for the entire group. That makes it clear that the venue you choose should have a parking lot. In some cases, you might also create a DIY Interaction space.

5. Interactive and Problem-Solving Sessions

You should get one thing point-blank: Offsite team building activities and group meetings are expensive. So, it is best to make the time worthwhile that you spend at this meeting. The real success of offsite meetings lies in indulging in exchanging ideas and getting solutions to a real-time problem. 

6. Ask Tough Questions

To be a successful facilitator, you need to ask more 'what if?’s and ‘then what?’s. That is the best way to make your event hit the spot. ‘why?’ is the toughest of all questions. So, start asking to make each session more interactive.  

7. Look for results

You should try to make your group understand that you are looking for results- not ‘maybe’s and ‘possibly’s. Make your group realize that they all have accumulated to make recommendations and decisions. 

Next time you call for an offsite team-building meeting, try out a few of the tactics mentioned above. With proper focus on the People element and the right set of Team Engagement Ventures, it is possible to make your offsite a grand success. 


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