Here Is Your Ultimate Guide For Teeth Straightening Procedure!

Straightening your teeth is often correlated with the conventional way of brushing the teeth with those little metal braces. However, that isn't the case even despite developments in the world of research. There are different choices for straightening the teeth. As the issues of malocclusion and bite influence not only the oral health but also the image and morale, it is becoming extremely necessary to have it handled. Any dentist Homebush can use the following forms to straighten your teeth depending on your convenience and choice.


Bracelets are the most traditional method used by dentist Lakemba to align your teeth and give you a proper bite. These braces are tiny metal plates, which are bound by elastic strings. The brace arc puts pressure on the teeth and makes them change their place. Rubber bands are often used to build more friction, depending on the extent of the issue of misaligned teeth and bite.

In the outset, these wired braces cause frustration but over time one gets used to it. There are also different types of braces for which you can go, such as Traditional Drawn Braces, Clear Braces, Stainless steel shoes, and gold plated guards, Braces made of titanium, Edgewise Archwire multiple-loops

Lingual braces:

Lingual braces are like typical bracelets, just behind the ears. These braces are custom made by dentist Homebush to suit your teeth's needs. These braces will not offer a shabby look as they are set, but they can irritate the tongue and may even cause speech issues. Lingual braces are more costly relative to conventional braces, which can take longer to achieve the desired effect.


Invisalign are translucent and simple aligners and are created using polyurethane thermoplastic. The dentist Homebush often custom-made the trays to provide you with comfort and fast tests. Invisalign operates by moving the braces, gradually and softly, vertically, or horizontally. They will also turn your teeth entirely to match correctly if desired. Invisalign's increasingly growing popularity is attributed to its pain-free, reversible, and user-friendly quality. In addition to the "invisible" feature where people don't even know you're wearing them, according to dentist Lakemba the tray provides a guided teeth movement where excessive pressure reduction leads to minimal NO pain when switching from tray to tray.

Retainers / Equipment:

Retainers help protect the teeth following dentist Homebush treatment with the usage of braces for a long time. They are made from metal wires and plastic which can be removed as and when necessary. Furthermore, retainers are a safe choice for anybody who needs to get rid of unnecessary holes in their teeth, even babies.

Appliances are like retainers but have screws or could put the teeth under pressure. Used from age 5-14, early teeth and dental arch therapy will reduce the need for braces and the high expense.

Surgery (attached to braces)

In extreme cases, a dentist Lakemba will prefer a surgical procedure to straighten your teeth. Surgery is performed where the aforementioned strategies are not possible to provide the ideal outcome, even whether you want the misaligned teeth to get an instant result. Having an operation entails more aftercare which includes regular dental check-up with a dentist Homebush.


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