4 Tips for Choosing the Best Second - Hand Pallet for your Cargo

The purchase of wooden pallets is one of the most common options for all kinds of stores. Pallet offers excellent quality/price and robust resistance. To save money, you can also rely on good quality 2nd hand pallets, which will also meet your needs.

Know about pallet manufacturing –

The manufacturing of pallets is mainly done with wood and plastic. Metal or combined materials are also used, but it has a limitation. On the one hand, wooden pallets do not tolerate humid environments. Currently, 2nd hand pallets (wooden) dominate the cargo market. Some manufacturers impregnate them with special protective mixtures. The reasons for this are probably in the price and the manufacturing process. The wooden pallet is cheaper than its counterparts and simple to manufacture. On the other hand, a mould or specialized technological equipment is needed to create a plastic or metal pallet. The advantages of using certain pallets are determined directly from the operating conditions and price preferences. 

Tips to choose 2nd hand pallets –

Pallets are disposable and reusable. Disposable means the material will dispose of after one-time use. Reusable has its service life. After that, it can also be disposed of or recycled. Do you know how to choose the best quality 2nd hand pallets from the market?  We have prepared this guide so that you can choose the best used pallet. Check it out below.

Know the types of pallets well

Among the pallet options, there are a variety of functions that meet certain needs and purposes. An example is the wooden pallet, which is the best known and most suitable for most customers. It has greater strength, durability and is sustainable. The plastic pallet is a less resistant option than the wooden one. It is usually lighter, but cannot be repaired. This type is more suitable for internal work involving food or medicine. So according to your need, choose the pallet from the market.

Consider the weight of the load 

Weight is an important variable in this choice. The wooden pallet is the most resistant to withstand up to 3000kg of static load. It is ideal for heavier loads. In some cases, reinforced pallets may be required. They have extra planks placed towards the wooden beams that support the structure.

Choose according to the packaging 

The storage of the stocked material needs to be considered when choosing the second hand pallet. For more sensitive packaging, such as bags, there are curved wooden pallets, which have planks without corners. It prevents tears.


Once chosen the type of pallet that best suits the customer's needs, the standardization is essential. It assists in logistical processes. In addition, having standardized pallets for the entire line allows for better planning. It is possible to measure the space needed in the stock, in addition to the type of transport that must be contracted. 

We hope this post has helped you to understand how to choose the best quality second-hand pallets online. Don’t rush, first think and then consider buying.


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