Why Choose Long term accommodation Mount Isa?

Mount Isa has become a popular destination to find quality jobs in Australia. Its vast mineral deposits made it a popular work destination. There is one of the world’s most productive mines. It produces vast quantities of silver, lead, zinc, and copper. 

Many people work in Mount Isa Mines. They move here for a much shorter work span. Most of the workers come to this place on a 3-month, 6-month, or a 12-month contract. 

They cannot buy a new home to stay here for a few months. Hotel rentals can be quite costly. Expensive accommodations can take a toll on your budget. That’s why long term accommodation in Mount Isa seems like the best option. 

Why it is a better alternative to hotels?

People usually choose hotels, corporate housing, and serviced apartments for a long stay. These accommodation facilities charge expensive rentals. You will pay an expensive price to keep your apartment or hotel for each night you stay there. 

It is not an affordable solution if you are working in Mount Isa mines. Long term accommodation in Mount Isa is more affordable. You will not pay on a per-night basis. You will pay monthly rentals for your accommodations. 

Hotels and serviced apartments can be away from CBD areas. You may need to take cabs to reach the worksite. It can be an exhausting experience for any worker. Do not pay more if you do not want to take cabs daily. 

Choose long term accommodation in Mount Isa, within the CBD area. It will be close to transportation links and other amenities. You will save extra bucks on transportation and other things. Thus, your savings will increase with time.

Long term accommodations also provide a variety of facilities. You can expect to get a local gym, swimming pool, and housekeeping services. Thus, you will enjoy working in this part of Australia. 

What features you can expect in long term accommodations?

You may not get hotel-like services in long term accommodation in Mount Isa. But, you will get spacious rooms with other home-like amenities. Affordable rental prices make these accommodation facilities great for mine workers. 

You will pay up to 40% lower accommodation rentals than hotels. You can use that money to enjoy your life or invest in your future. Property owners may agree to negotiate on prices if you are staying longer. Yes, you can make advance-bookings and enjoy your stay as long as you want. 

Things to consider choosing long term accommodation:

Consider the following things if you are picking a long term accommodation in Mount Isa:

  • Choose an accommodation facility in the CBD area. 
  • It should be close to public transportation services. 
  • Check extra amenities. 

Assess these three things. You can explore Mount Isa without spending a lot of money if your apartment is near the bus station. Extra facilities will comfort you during your stay. Besides, you will save a lot of money on accommodation rentals. 

All such features and benefits make long term accommodations beneficial for workers. Consider this option if you do not want to spend a lot of money on accommodations.


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