What Should You Choose? Open Concept House Or A Traditional House Plan

Everything around us changing. Be it the design of the house (both interior and exterior) or the concept. The advent of the various tools and software related to architectural design and planning (2D and 3D) has changed the concept of house construction. People are seen exploring more ideas and concepts to get the best of their investment. Any design is thought on a broader aspect which includes parameters like comfort, cost-effectiveness, and durability.

Exterior Designs vs Interior Design

When it is about the exterior design of a house, one can witness numerous options, in fact, thousands of them. Each of the builders in Lane Cove explores the different designs and the theme of the house presented across the world. Therefore, during construction, the builders do not feel it as much challenging as one would find during the interior designing. As of now, people prefer the open concept of the house. According to the expert designers, builders, and architects, people are seen asking for the design and make several changes in it as a part of customisation. This is completely based on their likes and comfort.

The Growing Popularity of Open Concept Interior Design

Home, Sweet Home. Yes, well, it is a place where a person not only resides but expects all luxuries and comforts are available to him/her easily. A traditional house plan has its own essence. But with time, the scarcity of space has made open concept interior design houses popular. According to one of the reputed builders in Lane Cove, a person dreams of building a house where he/she would live there for a long period. This makes a house an onetime investment with flawless planning and designing.

Open Concept House Plan- The Pros Associated

It is obvious that the rise in the demand for a particular thing means the product has got some perks. Well, it is true with the open concept of the house plan. According to the builders in Lane Cove, the following are some perks associated with this type of particular design concept:

  • Spacious Feel with Enough Natural Light

One of the major challenges that the builders in Lane Cove face are to include natural light in the interior of the house or flat. The open concept does it unfailingly. It is unbeatable and makes a house look lively and healthy. 

In addition to this, it helps to include a spacious feel to the occupant. Unlike the traditional house, this concept does not have any room for the walls. Thus, this elimination means more space for a person to walk around.

  • The choice to Customise the Placement of the Household Items

Since the open concept of the floor plan does not have any walls, hence, it gives the person living with several options to place his/her household items. According to the builders in Lane Cove, the probability of arranging the items in the house would be like an infinite set. If one does not look good, change to another till the ambience looks gorgeous.


Amidst all the pros, there are cons associated with the open concept of floor plans as well. Since the entire luxury and comfort is dependent on how well the interior floor plan has been done, therefore, every aspect needs to be taken into consideration for the best result and fruitful investment.


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