What Are The Most Sought-After Kitchen Benchtops?

The most commonly faced problem by all those who plan to renovate their kitchen or planning a new kitchen is the kitchen benchtop material. People do not just look for a benchtop material that enhances the overall look of their kitchens but also, the durability of the material as this is the hardest working surface of the kitchen. Affordability is another factor. 

Let us give a read about the various types of materials for Kitchen Benchtops In Sydney and their features:

  • Laminate benchtops:

The budget is the first thing you decide on while planning a renovation of your kitchen. Not everybody is of the mindset that they will spend dollars & dollars to have a modern look of their kitchen. Some people have a tight budget and they search for affordable benchtop materials for their kitchen. For those who have a low budget, laminate benchtops are the most affordable option for them. The biggest benefit of this material is that they offer a variety of designs in various colours. The material is resistant to staining and is easy to maintain. 

  • Stainless steel benchtops: 

Stainless steel benchtops have turned to be the most preferred choice of the chefs around the world. They are resistant to heat while allowing you to wrap them over the worktops. They can be seamlessly formed into sinks. They are also used to make feature shelves. Off lately, these have been loved by all who installed them. They offer the best features over other types and hence, are a great option for kitchen benchtops in Sydney. 

  • Granite benchtops: 

This is the most commonly installed kitchen benchtop material that makes for an exquisite and withstanding surface. However, you need to be assured that you have a good budget if you are opting for this type of benchtop material. Granite benchtops are an expensive material when it comes to kitchen benchtops. The best part about it is that you get a variety of styles in stunning colours. Also, they can be easily cleaned. 

  • Engineered stone benchtops: 

The most preferable choice of kitchen renovation in Sydney is the engineered stone benchtops. It comes in varying colours from the brightest to the darkest shades. You can choose between a solid colour and the one comprising flecks of different colours. They are known to be the most durable material and quite easy to clean. Apart from this, they are resistant to scratches and stains along with being a non-porous material. Quartz is one of the most common types of engineered stone benchtop materials. 

  • Ultra-compact surface benchtops: 

The ultra-compact surface benchtops have been made keeping in view the durability of the material. They are basically made of natural materials found in quartz and porcelain. They are manufactured by putting the material under excessive heat as well as pressure to create an extremely durable material for kitchen benchtops in Sydney. They offer many advantages like scratch resistance, stain resistance, strength & heat resistance, and are non-porous. The material is amongst the most reliable options for kitchen benchtops. 


These are some of the most sought-after and affordable options of kitchen benchtop materials. While some are expensive, they offer some added benefits over other types of materials. You can effortlessly find the most suitable option for your kitchen that fits your budget and choices. 


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