Myths About Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is expensive. It is difficult to maintain. This flooring option scratches easily. If you believe them to be true then you’re clearly living under the rock. Do let us tell you that these are nothing but common fallacies associated with timber flooring. Today in the course of the post – we will document a few myths about timber flooring in Bondi Junction. Go through this particular list and you will actually be able to understand that timber flooring is a worthy investment in the truest sense of the term. 

Myth #1: If I Install Timber Floor, I Will Be Responsible For the Depletion of Forests

Not many are aware, but wood actually remains to be one of the most eco-friendly flooring options made available in the market. Thanks to sustainable forest management; it can actually be harvested with near-zero impact on the climate. Additionally, since timber can actually last hundreds of years without possible signs of decay, you will invariably end up wasting fewer natural resources, as well. 

Myth #2: This Particular Option Is Expensive 

There are so many of us who actually think that investing in wood would cost us a fortune (precisely the reason why we refrain from purchasing timber flooring in the first place). However, if you are considering luxury flooring today then, do let us tell you that timber and marble flooring options almost cost the same. However, wood turns to be a more “economically” feasible option – quite simply because of the fact that they last way longer than marble. 

If installed properly and maintained on a regular basis, then it wouldn’t actually be surprising, if timber flooring ends up lasting for 100s of years. There, in fact, are samples that have lasted for more than 300 years. All you need to do is just ensure that the floor is sanded and refinished multiple times during its service life. And, you are sorted for a long time!

Myth #3: Timber Flooring Is Vulnerable To Scratches 

Scratches only happen when you are dragging something heavy over the floor. You might have heard it from somebody who is always dragging heavy or pointed objects over the wooden floor. Now, please don’t forget that even stone or marble flooring can get scratched likewise. However, you can redeem your timber flooring in Bondi junction by sanding and refinishing. 

Learning The Myths About Wooden Flooring: How Does It Help?

So these are just a few myths that you should ideally acquaint yourself with – when you are in the process of investing in timber flooring. If you are rethinking flooring options for your existing home or buying something for your new home, you should always be prudent enough to educate yourself about the nuances of each option made available for you. Getting rid of the myths is part of your education as well. Hopefully, this primer has helped you address the most common misconceptions about wooden flooring. You can now make a more informed decision regarding the purchase of the flooring option. Stay sorted!


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