What Does A Dentist Checkup Entail?

Even if you think your teeth are healthy and do not have any dental issues, it is best to visit your dentist in Barangaroo for a checkup. This will ensure that your dental health is as it is supposed to be. This is also known as preventive care. Preventive care should be something that everyone should be aware of. 

Regular visits to the dentist will help detect problems early enough for easy treatment. This will prevent an even bigger issue from arising in the future. For example, if your gums are treated early enough, you will prevent yourself from having gum surgery which will eventually lead to loss of a tooth. You might even want to go ahead and replace the lost tooth which might be too hectic for you. 

Visiting the dentist does not only entail checking the teeth only but has other things to look out for. Below is a detailed explanation of the various things that will happen in a dentist check up. 


Before anything else, the dentist will have to talk to you and get some information from you. They will want to get a little bit of history from you. He will ask you some questions for example, is this your first visit to a dentist? Have you ever had issues with your tooth before? Do you have any allergies, anxieties, health concerns? 

Do not be afraid of the dentist and the best you can do is trying to give detailed information on what they ask. This will place them in an even better place to check your teeth. It will also help them avoid doing things that might cause harm to you.

Teeth cleaning 

After sharing your concerns with the dentist, it is now time to work on those teeth. The first step the dentist will take is to have your teeth cleaned. He will remove the plaque and tartar on the gum line and in between the teeth. 

This process will give you a smooth and shiny finish by the use of teeth polisher with an abrasive paste. This process will get rid of all the missed dirt. Through this process, your tooth will be smoother. A plaque will not accumulate on such teeth easily if you visit your dentist in Barangaroo regularly. 

Teeth examination 

Now that the teeth are white and clean, the dentist will now look for any problems in your teeth. They will use a small probe mirror to help them see in between the teeth and gums.

They look for any swelling of gums. They will finally measure the mouth's periodents, these are the spaces found on the top gum line and the gum tissues. If you have deeper pockets, then this is taken to be an issue. The gum tissues should be one and three millimetres deep and not more than that. The dentist will then make it a point to monitor it from time to time. 

Make it a point of notice to always visit your dentist from time to time. This will ensure that your teeth are always healthy and your teeth problems will not go unnoticed. Dentists in Barangaroo are always on the frontline to help you with your teeth problems. 


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