5 Common Myths Associated with Gutter Guards

Researching on the right kind of gutter type and protection has always been overwhelming and tiring for the homeowners. With so many sources available, ideas can mismatch leading to myths. So, for the house owners, it is quite confusing to get the best gutter guards. The experts from different companies have tried to segregate myths from fact.

The following are some of the myths associated with the gutter guards that need to be debunked—

#1: You Only Need Gutters If You Have Got Trees In Your Houses

It must not only the leaves from the trees that are clogged in the gutter. Instead, other unsuspecting materials can be the headache. However, a property with fewer trees around might need less frequent cleaning. Even though, such properties should always undergo regular inspections and maintenance.

Fact- The following are some of the unsuspected gutter clogs that go unnoticed- debris brought by storm or wind, annoying animals or inspects that lookout for a comfortable place to live in.

#2: You Can Place Or Install Gutter Guards Under Roof

Several gutter guard companies suggest installing these under shingles or roofs. However, doing this comes with two major problems in the near future—

  • It might void the warranty associated with the shingle post installation.
  • A very steep angle of installation and hence, slope causing severe runoff.

Fact- Going for the right angle of installation for the best gutter guards will maximize the water collection. 

#3: Gutter Guards are Costly & Need Replacement Frequently

In reality, it entirely depends on the company. Some of the professionals opt for or ask for complete installation pack. A brand new one is always going to be costly. Therefore, houses prefer leaf guard that is cost effective and easy to maintain during any part of the year.

#4: It's Needless to Add Gutter Guards

Every attachment or add-on has its essence and importance. Therefore, for the people who believe that adding gutter guards has no use, are wrong. The debris is always going to be the game changer in choosing the right one.

Fact: Each of the gutter types has its specification and utility. Amidst all the types, leaf guard always requires the least maintenance and repair. Therefore, irrespective of the gutter type, the materials responsible for clogging would be checked,

#5: Gutter Guard is Difficult To Install

This is a myth.

According to the experts, if the right professionals who have the expertise in installing the gutter guards are hired, then the process is always going to be smooth.

Fact: The professionals leave no stone unturned when it comes to the installation process. They keep all the crucial aspects to make sure that whether the house gets a properly functioning installation as well.


Gutter guards have several advantages. Therefore, going for it and installing at proper inclination will ensure that all the debris causing clogging is removed in the best way possible. It has always been essential in keeping every element proper to reap the maximum utility.


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