Know everything about different kinds of dentists before making an appointment!

Dental school is a four-year graduate program for obtaining a degree in dentistry depending on which school your dentist Strathfield has attended. Let’s discuss the different styles of dentists and how they might benefit.

Croydon Dental Clinic
Croydon Dental Clinic

The general dentist:

Every Dental School graduate can practice as a general dentist. If you are a general dentist in then you can carry out any dental procedure in croydon dental clinic with a licence. For instance, some general dentists love doing root canals, others love doing extractions. A typical general dentist in their office will mainly stick to restorative dentistry and hygiene care.


A periodontist focuses o n the problems patients have with their teeth supporting gums, bone and tissues. To explain the bone loss to our patients, dentist Strathfield compares the teeth's support in the mouth with the bone around them, like a fencepost that is placed in the ground with concrete around it. 


An endodontist is also known to be a dentist Strathfield in the root canal. They treat a tooth 's sick, dead, inflamed or infected nerve, which can cause horrendous pain. When an endodontist does a root canal procedure, they typically dig a tiny access hole into the top of the tooth, scrape the contaminated tissue, clean and shape the canals with tiny shaping files.


In the past, an orthodontist often braced infants and adults for straightening their braces. Now the field also includes orthopaedic croydon dental clinic practices. All of these modalities was meant to remedy a weak bite or a malocclusion. The bite is the way in which the upper and lower set of teeth actually meet. The teeth are best built for front biting and back chewing and are formed with that purpose in mind. If the bite arrangement is not properly set up, the tooth structure can in effect wear out the wrong direction or even split. 

Oral surgeon:

Wisdom tooth extractions are better introduced to an oral surgeon. It is a significant procedure but even more than that is performed by oral surgeons. Wisdom teeth usually don't have the space they need to burst to move into position as the last teeth in the upper and lower arches of the jaw. An oral surgeon is the best option for wisdom tooth croydon dental clinic treatment.

The prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who makes some or all of their teeth removable or non-removable prostheses or replacement teeth for patients who are missing. These include crowns and bridges made from porcelain, partial dentures, and full dentures. Most general dentist Strathfield do all of these procedures and some dentists have advanced training and do larger cases involving implants or natural teeth. Prosthodontists also make advanced dentures for people who have damaged half of their jaw owing to injuries, disease or functional disabilities.


A pediatric dentist or pedodontist is a type of dentist that primarily sees children after having studied the styles of dentist Strathfield that may see either adults or infants. Because someone who has children understands, children are typically more nervous while attending some type of dentists, so require some special attention. Some general dentists do not see children in their office and a pedodontist will be referred. 


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