The Insider’s Guide To Terrazzo Slab

Terrazzo is an Italian name for the word terrace. The history of Terrazzo dates back to ancient Egypt, however, in today’s date the manufacturing of Terrazzo slab is done in Venice and Italy. This flooring option is appreciated by people because of its affordable price, durability and the fact that it demands very low maintenance.  

In early days, these flooring options were mainly used in airports, shopping malls, hotels and other commercial places but with passing time, new innovations were made to this and now Terrazzo slab is also used in homes as a great flooring option. Not only this, considering the fact that it is highly customizable, this slab is now also used in home accessories and furniture. 

How does a Terrazzo slab look like?

The Terrazzo slab is a type of composite material which is made from using chips/ pieces of glass, granite, marble and quartz, and a few more. In fact, additional chips are also used if required before actually settling the flooring slabs. These days, people can choose from different varieties of colors and designs at different budgets.

Reasons why people are choosing Terrazzo slabs-

Below mentioned are the various reasons due to which people are choosing Terrazzo slabs

  • It is less prone to cracking
  • Affordable
  • Different varieties available
  • Impermeable finishing
  • Low maintenance 
  • Gives a luxurious finishing to the floors

Where are these terrazzo slabs installed?

There are many places where one can spot Terrazzo slabs installed such as terrace, flooring of the house, kitchen slabs, kitchen countertops, for covering bathroom walls & floors, kitchenware, switchboards, etc. These days, as the popularity of these Terrazzo slabs is growing, people are also using innovative ways to use the same in furnishing and home accessories. 

How to pick the best Terrazzo slab?

Have you finally made up your mind that you want to invest in Terrazzo slabs when it comes to flooring options? If yes, then you must read these guidelines before you purchase the same for your house. 

You should have a budget

It is extremely important to have a budget in your mind so that you can then consider different varieties of Terrazzo according to your budget. When one has decided a specific budget, it also becomes easier to short-list your options. 

For which place in the house you are purchasing these slabs

Given the fact that there are so many different options available in every type of flooring, it is necessary that one should know for which place he/she is planning to buy the Terrazzo material. This is because options for kitchen flooring would differ from that of a bathroom or bedroom. 

The quantity you want to purchase

It is always better to first measure the area and ask the professional how much quantity of Terrazzo slabs will be required. This will prevent you from spending extra money on slabs which will not be used as well. You can also ask the salesperson about the quantity you would require by giving him the exact measurements of the floor. 


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