EMBA or MBA? Parameters To Look For Before Selecting Your Career Goal

The fast-changing world has been very much competitive and ruthless. If a person does not have a competitive advantage, someone else will replace him/her. Amongst all the higher studies, MBA (Master of Business Administration) has been one of the most sought-after courses. And why should it not be? Every company is looking for talented minds who would help their empire or business to take to the all-new height.

The rise in the demand of the course has made the institutions to roll out not only regular MBA courses but also EMBA (Executive- MBA). A huge number of aspiring MBA grads are looking for the best course from the best B-school. Students in groups go to different countries to pursue their dream degrees from the top and reputed college. Singapore has turned into a global hub for MBA aspirants. With several numbers of top-ranked colleges, finest infrastructure, world-class faculties, and incomparable exposure to the global market a degree of MBA in Singapore is a dream come true.

However, amidst all these, students are often seen confused regarding what to choose- EMBA or regular MBA. This is a common problem amongst the ones who have certain years of work experience.

According to academicians associated with the field, there are several parameters that need to be analysed by the aspiring MBA students before choosing any one degree from the two. These parameters, on proper analysis, would help not only to get into top EMBA in Singapore but also would help draw a clear picture of aspects if MBA is pursued. These are as follows—

Whether You Want To Give Up Your Job Or Not?

This would primarily decide whether you are going to pursue an EMBA or MBA in Singapore. EMBA gives an edge over an MBA as the aspirant needs not to leave his/her job. But, he/she might not be a part of any college activities- cultural and co-curricular. Those who opt for EMBA have this reason running back of their mind- after the completion of the course, the student does not have to look for a job as he/she is already attached to the organisation.

Are You Too Old For The Regular MBA course?

Another crucial deciding factor is age.

According to a survey, the average age of the students pursuing regular MBA across the globe stands at 28 years with a maximum of five to six years of work experience. But, if you have somewhere around 14 years of work experience, then you will not want to be a part of the regular MBA in Singapore based colleges. Top EMBA in Singapore provides a focused management education with lesser elective courses as compared to the MBA- full time.

Do You Prefer Distance-Learning Than Traditional 'Face-to-Face' Education?

Not everyone is privileged. Some have responsibilities and hence, cannot reach the school for full-time ‘face-to-face’ management learning. For such aspirants, distance learning is always going to be the best choice. Undoubtedly, in this type of MBA in Singapore, you will not be able to enjoy resources made available to the students for colleges. However, you will be having your flexibility to study as per your own convenience.


The decision on whether EMBA or MBA should be thoroughly analysed. Each of the courses provides an insight into the functioning of the companies and hone the aspirants to take the business to the next level with the help of their smart decisions and effective leadership.


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