Do you aspire to be a recognised traffic controller in NSW? Are you looking for an intensive traffic control course in Penrith? According to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), one must hold a traffic controllers photo license for the position. In this course, training staff get to learn simple and efficacious methods that are very much needed to use a STOP/SLOW bat properly. In addition to that, traffic control course is very useful for effective traffic management, and it is in correspondence with the work activity requirements of the NSW Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and RMS obligations at the same time. 

Traffic control course in Penrith is delivered by accredited trainers who possess a lot of skills and industry-based knowledge. Besides offering the highest standards of training, the trainers provide the students with a fully equipped atmosphere that enables aspirants to attain the best possible outcome. This article discusses the details related to traffic control course and other important information so that you can become RMS certified. 


Traffic control course In Penrith is a one-day course to attain certification and become a recognised traffic controller. It is perfect and highly suited for individuals who are required to use a STOP/SLOW bat. Here are the important instructions and details that have to be followed by all the aspirants. 

  • Prerequisites

There are certain prerequisites without which aspirants cannot participate. First and foremost, participants must possess adequate literacy skills. They should have or have held a Provisional 2 – Green P license at least. Lastly, they must have a valid and recognised General Induction for Construction Work (White) Card. 

  • Course Content 

The participants will get to learn about the role of a traffic controller and apply the various procedures of controlling the traffic on a worksite. Besides that, they will be able to run a two-way radio correctly and promote the actual role of a traffic controller in the eyes of the community. Lastly, the assessment will consist of both practical and theory simultaneously. 

  • Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will receive a statement of completion. Other than that, an RTA Traffic Control Card will also be issued for them.

  • Traffic Controller's Cards

Traffic controller's cards can be collected from offices in Penrith. Once the cards are received from the RTA, the students will receive a notification on their mobile. It is important to note that cards must be collected within a period of three months from the date of training. However, if this guideline is not followed, the cards will be returned to the RTA, and the re-issuance costs will have to beared by the participants. Moreover, participants can pay a small fee and have their cards posted to their residential address as well.

RMS Certification is very important for being a recognised traffic controller in Penrith. On this account, this course holds a lot of importance and eminence. Last but not the least, once you complete this course, you will become a certified traffic controller in Penrith. Avail traffic control course at budget friendly rates in order to gain excellence in controlling traffic using a stop-slow bat and advance your career in traffic management.


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