Reasons To Go For Engineered Timber Flooring Over Solid Hardwood Timber Floors

The first reason why you should select engineered timber flooring in Sydney over solid hardwood timber floors is their different construction. The solid hardwood floors are made from thick pieces of lumber. This is the reason why they tend to vary in terms of thickness. They can be anywhere between .75 inch to 7/16th of an inch. On the other hand, the engineered boards are made by joining many high-density fibreboard layers. These are sandwiched within a top layer of solid wood and hardwood backing. This is the reason why they are so tough.   

They do not contract or expand at all:

The engineered timber floors have a unique construction as has been elucidated above.

This means that engineered timber flooring in Sydney comes with a rigid structure that does not let it buckle or form gaps. They may be subjected to fluctuations in humidity and temperature, but they do not respond to the same. The thing with solid wood is that it fluctuates quite a lot. Therefore, it is used the most for rooms at the ground level as well as ones that are above it. On the other hand, engineered hardwood can be installed anywhere. This includes the rooms below the ground as well. 

They are immensely durable:

Engineered timber flooring in Sydney products is made in such a way that they are more resistant and stable compared to natural hardwood. They do not buckle easily. The same also goes for the resistance they offer to wear and tear daily. However, it must also be said over here that both natural and engineered hardwood floors come with coats that make them durable. This is the reason why they can withstand harsh treatment as well.

They are stable:

From a dimensional point of view, engineered hardwood is a lot more stable than the solid wood floors.

They need low maintenance:

All hardwood floors become more appealing even as they age. However, over time they also tend to develop scratches and become dull. 

They get scuffed up as well. The thing with engineered timber flooring in Sydney is that throughout its life they need to be refinished only a couple of times. On the other hand, a natural hardwood floor has to be refinished and sanded a lot more times than that. 

They cost less:

Engineered timber floors are a lot less costly than solid hardwood products.

The costs in this case also include expenses incurred in areas such as installation, material, and labor.    

They offer greater resistance to moisture

As opposed to the natural hardwood products engineered timber flooring in Sydney offers greater resistance to moisture. This is the reason why they are the ideal options to be used in damp areas such as basements. The same also goes for regions where the humidity levels are either lower or higher than what is the standard in these cases.

They are environment-friendly 

This is perhaps the most important reason in this regard. When you use such artificial products, you help save trees that are so critical for global wellbeing. 


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