Top 5 Points That Help You Select Right Marble Slabs

Floors look elegant with quality marble slabs. These tiles can change the way your home looks. It adds magical looks to your floors. If you need marble floors, then your selection can be specific to your taste.

There are limitless options in color and designs. Marble slabs Sydney dealers can offer you with unlimited selections.

  • People often focus on limiting factors like color and design to make their selection.
  • You have to focus on other features including its composition.
  • Wide-range of options that match your home decor are best.

So, to ensure you select the right stone grade, you need to focus on a few other properties. Some such properties you will find here below.

1 Variety

This is a term that also refers to the quality of the stone. You have limitless designs, colors, and variants. You also have natural and modified stone options.

Some dealers may also offer you with over hundreds of grades of slabs. Select a combination that looks appealing to your home. Marble slabs Sydney can also suggest you with a modified form of marble slabs. Always ensure that you select a certified grade stone slab.

2. Physical Features

Physical features may vary from one grade material to another. With unlimited options in the market, you have to focus on a few selections. Focus on flaws if any on the color and design. Minor flaws are easy to notice.

People often try and use stones that are in their raw state. The raw stone is always of better quality and grade. You can check with marble slabs Sydney dealers before selecting.

3. Chemical properties

Chemical features of the stone may vary as well. Not all grade stones have the same chemical composition. This factor may also vary depending on the place of installation.

For bathroom floors, you need to select slip-resistant stone in its raw state. Polished slabs are best for table countertops. For the kitchen, you need one that is reflective. This means that each type should have distinct chemical properties. 

The moment you approach marble slabs Sydney dealer focus on installation spot.

4.  Health effects

Not all types of stones may offer similar health benefits. Marble slabs are more of a limestone chemical. If your skin is allergic to Limestone, then you need to be cautious.  Apart from this, the different stone grades may have different effects on your mind.

Marble is also known to maintain a lower temperature year-round. If you are suffering from asthma, then this may not be the right floor type for you.

It is important to consider this factor before visiting marble slabs Sydney dealers.

5. Maintenance

For selectors, this is one of the most important factors to consider. Marble stone may need more maintenance. This factor also depends on the grade you have selected. If the stone is in raw state, then not much maintenance is important.

For glossy marble slabs, proper maintenance is important.  If you have kids at home, then raw marble is also the best option. It does not need regular maintenance.

Your selection may also vary depending on the type of surface you have at home. Always consider all above-mentioned factors before you decide.


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