Tips For A Happy Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation project is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. To make your job slightly less strain full, here are some expert suggested ideas. They will no doubt make your kitchen renovations in Sydney less expensive, easier, and successful.

Read on to check out these great tips to turn out your kitchen renovation into a journey that will lead to the kitchen of your dream. 

Try to start with an island

If you want more storage space and more counter in your kitchen, then adding a centre island will fetch you more fortune. However, an island might limit the number of people inside the kitchen and will only entertain one-way traffic flow. So before you finally build an island, you can try out a full-scale model with plywood or cardboard and use it for some days. Make sure the refrigerator and stove doors are openable. If you are suffering from small kitchens in the Baulkham hills problem, then consider working with a kitchen trolley instead of building an island.

Build a temporary kitchen

When you are planning to execute kitchen renovations in Sydney, you should keep space for a temporary kitchen. That will help you to cook, prepare your morning coffee and wash dishes when your man in the kitchen is out of order. You can use your old countertops and cabinets to help you create the makeshift kitchen. You can install the cabinets and cut out the countertop to fit it properly. Then you can add other necessary items like the coffeemaker, the toaster, oven, microwave, and refrigerator in one corner.

Plan for a mini kitchen office

Have you been looking forward to building a small working space inside your kitchen? You can do it easily while renovating your kitchen. While remodelling, do not forget to make space for plugging in the computer and other necessary equipment. Also, make sure to add enough provision for computer access. You also need to make proper storage space like shelving using old cabinets. That will help you to store your paperwork. 

Make space to install a bigger fridge

If you include new cabinets in your kitchen renovations in Sydney, try to leave more space so that you can replace your old fridge with a new bigger model later. The extra space can be filled up with panels or filler strips. You can also install top cabinets or shelving in between the panels. Order the cabinets, panels and filler strips at a time to make sure they match.

Deal with floor gaps

If you are planning to keep your existing floor intact and replace the cabinets, you need to keep an eye on the gaps between the cabinets and the floor. The base cabinets are 24 inches in-depth, but the toe-kick depths are different. Try to buy new cabinets that match the footprint of the existing cabinet. Gaps that are less than ¾ inches should be hides with moulding.  

Your kitchen renovations in Sydney is sure to be a grand success with the above tips in hand. They are sure to offer your kitchens in Baulkham Hills a facelift. 


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