Everything You Need To Know About Granny Flat

When we look around for the right type of investment in the property, we are not well known about the market. Talking of which, have you heard about the Granny’s flat which is quite trending these days. If not then certainly, this writing can be of great help to you. The garage or the backward shed must have been in use quite very well. With homeowners, however, now choosing the right way to create the brand new granny flat, it looks like the miniature house on their property. The concept of the same is highly popular in Australia and if you are looking for a granny flat in Fairfield, NSW then surely you need to be first aware of what exactly is this concept and why is it trending so much.

What Is A Granny Flat?

This is a term that is used for the property which is secondary or you can say second dwelling. You can build it as an attachment to your new home or even to the garage. Many people even create a different structure. There are also some cases in which it can be cheaper to make such a flat as compared to buying a house since the growing popularity of granny flats can later prove to be a worthy investment of the home at the time of selling. Besides, it is a cost-effective alternative you can opt over renovation.

As compared to regular homes that are available in the city, such types of flats can be quite a lot smaller, say around 60 meters in size. The designs of such flats may vary to a great extent. There are some which even consist of bedroom, kitchen and living space while some have a single large space enough to create a hobby space for your office or home. The best part about such an option is that it can be quickly built without much of the investment and you are all set to use it.

Space To Be Used For Granny Flats:

Such types of flats can be built on some of the residential zones. However, it is always better to speak with the local council before you make one. Otherwise, you might be later given the restriction order and all your hard work will go in vain. If you have a home with the 450 meters of the block in size then your granny flat will not take more than 70 per cent of your home. Besides, your flat must be eligible for building such a type of flat. If you choose the granny flat in Fairfield, NSW that has been offering such a service, you will be able to understand if you can opt for such an option to your property or not.

It is always better to do your homework. Remember, the residential property can be quite limited to a single granny flat and it will never exist on subdividing or the tile of the property. That is why think before you take any step further.


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