Ultimate Guide To Renting And Leasing Copier Machines

Copier Machine in Singapore's Office
Copier Machine in Singapore's Office

The copier machine is one of the most important and most used systems in any office or a corporate setup. Having a copier machine not only helps in saving time but also saves money. This makes the need pressing not only for businesses with high copying demand but for almost everyone to have copier machines. But having a copier machine does not always necessarily mean buying one. For entrepreneurs that have a small budget to start with or for event companies that need on-site copying services, renting or leasing might be the best option. The good news for local corporates with the limited luxury of the budget is that there are service providers that have the facility of copier leasing in Singapore

Renting A Copier Against Buying

Copier machine in a commercial setup is essential as are the phone's printers and projectors. However, the only difference is that copier leasing in Singapore is more common than purchase owing to its high cost. It is understandable that copier machines are an inseparable part of the offices, but it is difficult to justify such high costs when the budget is limited. If the corporate sorts any financial assistance in the form of a loan to purchase a copier machine, it may burden the finances with the interest that would be required to be paid on the loan. When there is a doubt about the budget or the time duration for which the copier machine would be used, it is best in the interest of the firm to go with the more versatile choice that allows the firm to change the mind without any sunken cost.

Even for offices that have a high budget, high-end copier machines with high-speed colour printing may cost thousands of dollars and the cost still remains unjustified as the technology might soon become obsolete as new technologies emerge almost every day. This makes it tough for the firm to compete with rival firms with outdated technology. Renting on leasing provides the flexibility to the firms to upgrade and replace the machines being used with lower upfront costs. This idea becomes more relevant when it is considered that each product of reputed firms like Fuji Xerox copier and printer is different from one another based upon the need, conditions of use and budget requirements of the customers. This makes it difficult for firms to commit to one machine for a longer time duration. All these points add up to making more sense in renting or leasing a copier machine instead of investing in buying one. 

Furthermore, under the PIC scheme of the Singapore government, companies can claim allowances and tax deductions up to 400% for spending on productivity and innovation credit that is PIC qualifying activities. Acquisition and leasing come under this scheme and so no prior approval is necessary for spending on such activities.  Thus, there are multifaceted advantages including the local market and environment best advantage of making a short-term commitment towards copier leasing in Singapore. There are also provisions to opt for a 40% cash pay-out 100k dollars for spending on such PIC qualifying activities. This makes leasing and renting an easy and also an obvious option for corporates and short-term events in Singapore. Such short-term events include conventions, seminars, delegatory meetings and even examination duration in schools.

Copier Rental Companies In Singapore

There is a myriad of companies that provide copier machines for leasing in Singapore. Almost all of them are enlisted online and so a simple online search shows lots of options to choose from. Due to this overwhelming number of companies available that provide such leasing and rental services, the service providers are a part of cut-throat competition. This results in most of them offering similar price ranges and products available. The only difference arises in the line-up of copier machines available for rental.  While most service providers offer a wide range of products from different manufacturers, some provide products of only a single reputed firm like the Fuji Xerox copier machines. 

Another important aspect that helps to select a particular service provider is their response time. It is expected that firms that undertake copier leasing in Singapore should typically respond to a problem within 4-5 hours. A delayed response indicates the lack of dedication towards customer satisfaction and such service providers should not be employed in the future. 


The printing volume and number of users of the machine in the office are some of the important factors that will affect the cost of the copier machine that is rented by the corporate.


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