Revamp Your Old Bathroom With Bathroom Tiles - A Guide

Getting the right sized tile for a bathroom whether for the floor or walls has a big impact on making the space brighter and bigger. Besides, the tiles are really versatile. Thus, these can enhance the beauty of the bathroom in a number of ways. But due to the availability of numerous colours, designs, and styles, it often becomes hard to decide the right type of bathroom tiles that can suit and enhance the look and feel of the space. To help you out in making the right selection, this article can be your guide.

Types of bathroom tiles that you can select:

While it comes to the types of bathroom tiles, there is a wide range of options available. Although marble is the common choice in bathroom tiles, here are other options to consider:

  • Glass Tiles: These tiles are mainly used to create a single-colour and beautiful shower area. But these should be placed only in the low-traffic areas to avoid getting damaged or scratched. 
  • Ceramic Tiles: This is the most popular option of bathroom tiles due to versatility and cost-effectiveness. Besides, these are also water resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles can be placed both in the areas surrounding bathtub and shower.
  • Granite: Granite is heavy for the walls. So, it should always be placed on the floor. Or you can use these tiles to tie the bathroom floors to the countertops of vanity.
  • Natural stone: These tiles look really beautiful, but these are not water resistant. So, it is better to place these tiles in the walls away from the tub or shower area. 

How the tiles can enhance the look and feel of a bathroom?

  1. Shower tiles: This is another common space to apply bathroom tiles. The shower tiles can enhance the style while ensuring the walls remain safe from water damage. Besides, this improves the beauty of the shower area by carrying the style and patterns of the floor to the wall.
  2. Floor tiles: This is probably the most natural place to add tiles to a bathroom. It is possible to add functionality and style statement to any bathroom by installing floor tiles. While it comes to selecting the floor tiles, you can opt for patterned tiles or simple coloured tiles that can enhance the design. It is better to choose slip-resistant bathroom tiles to avoid an accident. 
  3. Wall tiles: Use of tiles is no more limited to the shower walls or floor. It is actually possible to be more creative with the use of bathroom wall tiles. For instance, it is possible to create a feature wall with the help of coloured tiles, or it is possible to create a backsplash to the vanity that matches your personal preference and taste.
  4. Bathtub tiles: Nothing can be a better way to integrate bathtub into the bathroom than by installing bathtub tiles around the tub. This is quite similar to installing shower tiles to the bathroom. This tiling option protects the walls of the bathroom from water damage while adding a great style statement like as the bathroom wall tiles.


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