Want to get back your beautiful smile? Know the importance of Oral Surgery!

There are many situations that can lead to the need for dental surgery. The most common of these is the extraction of teeth. But there are several others related to the prevention or rehabilitation of oral health. Oral surgeries encompass all surgical procedures performed by a dental surgeon in the region of the oral cavity. And it is evident that only the dental professional can assess when it is time to have dental surgery. For the patient, surgery usually brings fear and anxiety. So it is always good to have some knowledge of the subject.

oral surgery clinic in Auburn
oral surgery clinic in Auburn

What are the most performed dental surgeries?

  • Minor Oral Surgery 

This are those that performed in the dentist's office and which involve less risk. Usually, local anaesthesia is used and recovery is quick. Extractions, especially wisdom teeth, are the most recurrent.

  • Surgery to remove cysts 

Although it is also a simple procedure, a biopsy must be performed in this case. If you want to choose the best oral surgery clinic in Auburn, make sure they do this procedure.

  • Gingival surgery

They are performed in patients with periodontal diseases. The time when the infection has reached the gums and the bone structure of the teeth. The best known is the gingival flap. It is a procedure that is indicated for cleaning and reducing the periodontal pocket.

  • Dental implants 

The bone graft prepares the place to receive the dental implant, composed of the metallic pin and the crown. So, before choosing a good dental clinic in Croydon, make sure that these services are available there.

  • Orthographic Surgeries

Indicated for adults. It changes the position of the jaw to correct the bite and eliminate the pain caused by the inadequate position. Titanium plates and screws are used, as well as in implants.

Now that we have seen the most common types of surgery, we can pre-assess the need for surgery or not. But, emphasizing that the dentist is the professional who will make an indication of the procedure, if really necessary. So choose a professional dental expert in Croydon, their professional dental expertise will really help you regarding your dental issue.

What to do before it's time to have dental surgery?

After visiting the best oral surgery clinic in auburn, and consult the dentist about what care is needed preoperatively. In general, there are some standard precautions that should be taken:

  • Avoid consuming anything very close to the time of having surgery. It is also recommended to suspend the use of medication, alcohol, and tobacco for the previous 12 hours.
  • Perform oral hygiene before entering the surgery site.
  • Try to be accompanied, as you cannot predict your condition at the end of the surgery. In addition, you may need to stop by the pharmacy to buy some medications.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing accessories, makeup, and contact lenses.

Conclusion: post-operative care

The most common is that the dentist prescribes some medications for the post-surgery period. So, follow the professional's recommendations. Take your medications at the right times, avoid acidic foods and prefer soft foods. Clean as indicated and do not smoke for at least 24 hours after the procedure.


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