Comparison Of Italian Porcelain Tiles And Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to discussing flooring and wall tiles, it is common to mention ceramic and porcelain tiles as a favorable option. 

Though they are mentioned together, it is important to note that they are indeed different from each other. 

The Italian porcelain tiles and the ceramic tiles are considered the same because both are made using a clay mixture. 

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tiles

However, the clay that is used for porcelain tile is finer and the tiles are also fired in the kiln at a higher temperature. This means you get a denser and durable tile. Italian tiles are expensive. 

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Comparison Of Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles 

Both Italian porcelain and ceramic tiles are versatile and useful wall and floor tiling materials. But, let us see how they fare in a comparative study

  • Manufacturing process

The Italian porcelain tile, as well as the ceramic tiles, are made with a special type of clay. It is mixed with sand and water and fired at high temperatures. 

But Italian tiles in Sydney differs from ceramic tiles in that the clay that is used to make the porcelain tiles are denser, the temperature at which they are fired is also higher. 

The porcelain tiles take a longer time to get dry. This makes the porcelain tile harder and denser than the ceramic tile.

  • Features

Ceramic tiles have a red terracotta finish. While the Italian porcelain tiles would feature a white or gray finish.  

Ceramic tiles can be glazed to have different surface designs and colors. The Italian tiles in Sydney are usually unglazed. 

  • Uses

There is no doubt that both ceramic and porcelain tiles are versatile products that can be used for various spaces and for different purposes such as covering walls, for the ceiling for kitchen countertops and backsplashes, for bathrooms, shower area,  as well as indoors and outdoors. 

But, when it comes to using them in the outdoors Italian tiles Sydney made of porcelain stands out from ceramic tiles in that they have low moisture content and are not susceptible freezing and thawing cycles which might cause cracks on the tile.  

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  • Durability

The porcelain tiles, exhibit better wear and tear resistance, stain resistance, and chip and crack resistance when compared to the ceramic tiles. While ceramic tiles are not meant or unfit for commercial applications, porcelain tiles are excellent materials for light, medium and heavy-duty projects. 

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  • Designs

The designs are limited in the case of porcelain tiles when compared to ceramic tiles. But designs like the terminal cube, grey hexagon, brown hexagon, and Anthracite are indeed designs that can be used effectively for different applications be it the bathroom walls, living room floors or the kitchen backsplashes.

Italian tiles Sydney are expensive than ceramic tiles, but, they are indeed cost-effective considering the many advantages they can offer. You can make them even more cost-effective by accessing them online from dealers who import and sell them at reasonable prices or access them at tiles Goldcoast at a discounted price.


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