Top 5 Caravan Types To Select For Campers

Caravans are more popular today. They are dream homes for everyone. If you camp very often, you need caravans. Not all caravans in the market are the same.

There are different types that under basic categories. Big and small caravan may not be the same. Each one offers entirely new functionality for campers.

  • You can select 19 ft caravan with ensuite for your family.
  • The motor is driven and towing types are available in all sizes.
  • The selection depends on your needs and family size.

You can select small caravan that suits your needs. Here below you will find basic types available in the market.

1. Conventional Types

These are traditional 19 ft caravan with ensuite type. They are full bodied and may reach top height. In general, these are full length type and need a tow vehicle.

You may have to tow the caravan behind your truck or jeep. Some of these types may have 10 to 12 meters axle length. You may rarely find them as small caravan type.

Being over-sized, they are well equipped with all amenities. A double bed, fridge and entertainment unit are only a few features you may find. These types are comfortable for long journey and weekly vacations.

2. Tent Trailer Type

If you need something small, then these are ideal. You may rarely find these as 19 ft caravan with ensuite types. They are much small and compact. If you plan for couples camping vacation, then this is the best option.

This small caravan is also ideal for people running on a tight budget. Even if small, they are still well equipped. You find a refrigerator, sofa bed, TV, music system and much more equipped in compact space.

Right sized caravan may also have a small standing shower attached indoors. If you have a small family, then this is the best option.

3. Pop Top Types

These are generally 19 ft caravan with ensuite type. They are ideal for outdoor camping tasks. These are conventional with extra built-in features. If you have a lot of extra storage, then you can opt for these types.

The caravan has extra storage space indoors and outdoors. If you prefer resting outdoors, then you can carry extra bed and table along with you. They are easy to tow behind a small or medium sized vehicle.

4. Pop-Out Variants

These are not like pop up type small caravan. They are more functional. If there are extra family members travelling with you, then a pop out caravan is best. 

Extra bedding and camps are easy to attach in the space provided. They offer the same function as 19 ft caravan with ensuite types. You can create a new level or dimension indoors itself.

For sleep-over, these caravans are a much better option, if you are in groups.

5. Campers

These are generally van types and ideal for campers. You may need to carry your tent along when travelling. You can attach outdoors accessories and tents as required.

If you need to buy one that is affordable then campers are the best choice. The size is small but convenient.

Apart from these, you can find other types in the market. Select one that suits your needs.


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