Reasons to Run Responsive Display Ads

As we all know, advertising plays a very important role in promoting any business or brand. Responsive display ads are created by the Google Adwords Display Network to show your ads more easily and create more engagement with the audience. These ads can automatically adjust their appearance, format, and size to fit in the available space of the advertisement. These ads include headlines, logos, descriptions, images, and videos but Google automatically generates these ads with multiple assets according to the available space. To create good looking ads, and display advertising programs, some advertisers struggle. However, Google helps advertisers to display their ads quickly. Not only this,  Responsive Display Ads deliver better performance than standard display ads. Responsive display ads can be used for both smart display campaigns and regular display campaigns. 

Main elements of Responsive Display Ads

  • Short headline
  • Long headline
  • Description
  • Business name
  • Marketing video
  • Logo

What are the main reasons to run responsive display ads?

Upload a couple of images

Responsive advertising allows advertisers to upload a couple of images in square and landscape formats simultaneously. When you upload photos that do not have to be cropped, it is very simple and effective as images create more engagement than normal text ads. It helps to generate more interest in the ads and users are more inclined to respond to the photo content.  

Expand your reach

Responsive Display Ads help to increase your reach because they adjust with various dimensions to fit available space on every page. Not only this, these ads adjust to various devices which help to expand the reach. It is very important to carefully monitor the performance of an account with the increase in potential reach. Increasing your reach to target audiences on more websites, as well as being able to increase exposure on mobile devices will result in accidental and beneficial clicks can result in upgrading from viewing to engagement.

Save time and resources

To reach targeted audiences, advertisers of Google Display Network would need to design banner advertisements in different formats and sizes. Across the Google Display Network, these are available in various sizes and types of ads to create unique advertisements. Responsive Display Ads help to save money and time because designers only need a couple of images with responsive ads. AdWords will automatically adjust the appearance, format, and size to fit in the available spaces of the ad. 

Give recognition to logo

The logo of a business is its identity and every business wants people to recognise its logo. Responsive Display Ads help in the visual recognition of the logo. The image of the logo is the same as the components of the image: landscape or square. Some logos are always designed for landscape or square and scaling is the biggest obstacle. But Responsive Display Ads help to keep the feel of the brand of the logo and fit it into landscape or square spaces. 

Easy to Set up

It is an easy and quick process to set up Responsive Display Ads directly into the AdWords UI. It handles the rest after the images and text are uploaded by the advertisers. Advertisers will need catchy headlines, engaging images, good description, company’s logo and user-friendly landing page to create a responsive display ad. 

No need to hire designers

Companies hire designers for online advertising, but with the help of responsive advertising, small companies will not have to hire designers. In the context of big companies, they have in- house design teams for their advertisement but they create the images for standard image ads which take a lot of time. Responsive Display Ads can be good options in these cases. 

These are some of the benefits of running responsive display ads on Google Network. 


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