Why People Are More Into PIR Based Cool Room Wall Panels These Days

PIR or Polyisocyanurate is one effective form of material for insulation, widely used in the area of construction. This product is mainly the improved version of PUR boards previously used in the market, which were produced as a foam and widely used as a rigid form of thermal insulation. Some insulation materials are known for their natural fire resistant features, and others can be made fire resistant by adding a small amount of resistant materials. PIR cool room wall panels are known to have reasonable fire resistance characteristics. Even the phenolic foam used over here has a higher fire resistance option. So, these panels are always a safer option for everyone to use.

Cool Room Wall Panels
Cool Room Wall Panels

Known to be moisture resistant:

You will be amazed to know that the PIR insulated boards are known for their moisture-resistant features. The structures won’t allow water to get absorbed, unlike any other insulation materials. So the PIR based cool room wall panels can easily maintain their integrity for a long time. It works wonderfully with the thermal insulation properties as well with passing time. So, the PIR panels are designed to last for a long time, without worrying about its maintenance that much. It calls for less maintenance from one time to another.

Other benefits involved:

Apart from being fire and water resistant in nature, the PIR based cool room wall panels have some other benefits to it. You can easily use the insulated sandwich panels of polyurethane foam for building the shortest possible form of time fruit storage, processing plant or a cold room. This kind of foam is moisture resistant in nature, so you can install it anytime you want, regardless of the time of the year. Furthermore, thanks to its low weight feature, these panels are easier to manipulate at constructional sites. 

PIR Panels
PIR Panels

The cleaning possible environment addressed:

Processing of vegetables, meat, fish and fruits will always need the cleanest possible environment. These sandwich panels are moisture resistant so they are chemically inert. Even more so, they are biologically stable, to say the least about Pir panels in here. So, with time, you can’t expect the panels to decay. They have the right to resist alkaline and acid environments. So, unlike other panels, these PIR ones will not rot after coming in terms with water, and not quite susceptible to harmful effects, otherwise produce by insects or rodents. You even get the chance to find solutions for any aggressive cold room environment, created using insulated metal panels. 

The major advantage to consider:

The crucial advantage of the PIR panel has to be the hermetic joint. So, there’s no need to separate connectors for assembling these panels. These possible advantages prove that these panels have no competitors in the market. Using Pir panels will speed up the construction of the agricultural based complexes. With longer shelf life and easy installation features, you can create any agro-industrial structure with ease, just like you have asked for it. Just get in line with the best team for helping you to make the right choice now. 


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