Why Mezzanine Racking System Is So Important For Businesses?

When your business is experiencing growth, there are chances that you face steep construction costs, costly land acquisition or costly lease space. In this situation, the mezzanine racks can offer cost-effective storage solutions as per the expansion needs. So, if you are in search of the safest and the best possible way to secure your business without spending a lot, choosing a mezzanine racking system will be the best option to consider. But before you opt for it, let’s get some details:

Mezzanine racking is one of the structural options designed for new custom mezzanine systems. This type of structure generally uses the present structure of movable shelving. And it takes the help of the existing vertical space of any area. The best thing about this structure is that it offers greater flexibility in the matter of density, distribution and complete arrangement of the storage setup of a business.

Why do businesses use mezzanine racking? 

More and more business owners are now choosing mezzanine racking systems for their warehouses. One of the main reasons behind it is that it is possible to place this system on the top of rivet racking, metal racking or wide-span racking. This kind of shelving also comes with different types of decks to offer extra square footage. Thus, the mezzanine racking system is quite common in the automotive departments. And also in the places where there is a need for more racking space than the existing floor space.

With this type of racking system, aisles are developed between the racking rows. Or complete platforms are developed onto the racking units. It means that live storage racking, modular racking or pallet racking are used as the supporting system. This system is used a lot while order picking is the basic job and /or added conveying installations are required.

The mezzanine racks are also portable apart from being on daily wear and tear and corrosion resistant. Availability of strong wheels makes it easy for these racks to transport things from one place to another. Besides, because of the wheels, it also becomes easy to clean these racks.

Different applications of mezzanine racking:

  1. Mezzanine racking can be installed almost in any distribution centre, warehouse or manufacturing facility with available air space.
  2. This system is also used for portions of the operation. These include assembly, offices, spare parts, kitting, inspection areas and/or return goods processing
  3. This system can be placed over machinery around shelving systems and building columns, in offices etc.
  4. This system is also perfect for recording and archiving storage systems

How to accessorize the mezzanine racking systems? 

There are some accessories that are used to design the mezzanine racking. Apart from the custom planned staircases, there are single and double swing access doors, mezzanine lifts, modular in-plant office buildings developed with strategically insulated panels, cage enclosures for safety barriers, secured storage and many more. Being a cost-effective solution with different options to personalize, this system is a well-known choice for different manufacturing and industrial operations.


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