Cost Estimation Of Plantation Shutters In Oakville

When it comes to window treatment house owners mostly select plantation shutters in Oakville because of its advantages like the attractive look, perfect control of light and its energy efficiency but the most important thing to consider is the total budget of the window treatment. When the house owners meet the consultation team the first question they ask is the cost of the plantation shutter.

But before the installation process finding the exact cost of the plantation shutter is difficult because there are plenty of shutter options available in the market. So the estimation of installing shutters or awnings in Oakville will depend on the needs of the house owner.

In this article let us discuss some of the main factors which will affect the cost of the a. If you are planning to install a plantation shutter then this article will help you to find a rough estimation for the installation of plantation shutters or awnings in Oakville.

Variables which affect the total cost of the shutter:

Plantation shutters can be customized as per your needs. So the installation of plantation shutters depends on the needs of the house. Some of the main factors which influence the cost of the plantation shutters are listed below:


Plantation shutters are made up of different materials. Some of the commonly used materials for construction plantation shutters are repurposed lumber, faux wood, and natural hardwood. If you have limitations in the budget then the best option is faux wood because they are affordable when compared with other materials. The value of the material depends on the cost of harvesting and shipping. The cost of harvesting lumber is very high so the shutters made up of repurposed lumber are expensive.

Shape and size of the window:

The supplier will price the shutter based on square feet. So if you are installing a plantation shutter for a large-size window then it will cost you more when compared with the small size windows. The initial rough estimation can be prepared with the help of the dimension. Some companies will measure the size of the window when they visit the house for a consultation. 

The cost of the plantation shutter will increase if you are installing it for unique shaped windows like triangle and octagon because matching the unique specification needs extra effort and time. If you are installing it for normal shape then the cost of installing a plantation shutter will be less. Specialty windows require extra installation process when compared with the normal windows. 

Some of the other factors which influence the cost of installing plantation shutters are the material finish, style and design option of the frame. The cost of installing plantation shutters is more expensive when compared with other window treatments. But it is worth investing money in plantation shutters because of its benefits like durability, energy efficiency, improve the look of the house, and it also increases the sale value of the house. But ensure that you are using high-quality material.


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