Search Engine Optimization In Singapore- Then, Now, And For Future

Many digital marketers often wander or remain in dilemma regarding the future of search engine optimization in Singapore. Many believe that it will fade away in the same way as it evolved decades ago. While there is a group as well that believes SEO to be immortal. In fact, the coming days are going to be more challenging for SEO experts as there will be new companies and businesses evolving. Only those service providers would sustain in the market who adopt and adapt the new strategies and changing policies of Google and other related search engines.

A Glimpse At The Stat

Before discussing where the SEO process in Singapore would lie twenty-five years from now, let's have a quick look at some of the figures--

  • 63,000 seconds searches per second and an approximately 2 trillion in a year- it is the count of searches GOOGLE received in 2019
  • Near Me’ or related Local Searches almost doubled on GOOGLE
  • Approximately 85% of the businesses give credit to the importance and effectiveness of SEO process and almost half of them believe a rise in the requirement of service
  • Approximately 60% of the service providers accept that they have to keep themselves in align with the changing norms of the process of search engine optimization in Singapore to remain in the market
  • 2020 is going to witness a surge in the net average budget allocation by companies for SEO services

Search Engine Optimization- Then And Now

If we look into the history of SEO, we will find it to be primarily young. The idea would be found incepted by companies and businesses approximately three decades back. However, the evolution has been pretty fast, and this is evident from the frequent and continuous changes being made in the algorithm of search engine giant, GOOGLE.

In the initial days of its inception, there was no hard and fast rule of SEO. As a result, many companies or service providers would follow black hat techniques to get the website or web page ranked at the top. They did not have the fear of being penalised. Everything was the same except the quality.

The process of Search Engine Optimisation witnessed a major transformation and change at the beginning of the millennium when the first major update on the algorithm was introduced. Guidelines were laid and soon the companies catering to search engine optimization in Singapore started to follow the white hat SEO procedures.

The changes introduced by search engine giants like GOOGLE are considered to be the major shift towards shaping the entire process. Penalties were introduced and imposed on those who followed black hat SEO processes and initiative was taken towards following a user-first approach.

SEO Post 2010

The real meaning and purpose of SEO started surfacing after 2010. several initiatives were taken to make the process streamline and easy. For example, according to a professional with years of experience in search engine optimization in Singapore, the introduction of Google Caffeine paved the way towards improved searches with a faster result. This was in June 2010. In the following year, in 2011, Google Panda cracked a whip on the websites that frequently updated their websites with low-quality content only for namesake.

In addition to these updates, Google also introduced updates like Penguin and Pigeon to improve the search.

The Future Of SEO In Singapore

Being one of the major financial hubs of the world, the future remains bright for search engine optimization in Singapore. The businesses and start-ups are relying on SEO to reach out to the maximum consumer base. Considering this fact, the service providers are now providing all the possible services that would help the business to sustain market competition.

Social media marketing has evolved as a crucial aspect and has found an irreplaceable status in the service list of the service providers. Hence, Singapore is no way different from the rest of the world and the upgraded technologies and innovations would drive the demand for SEO in Singapore.


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