Handy tips for shopping natural stone floor tiles

If you want to add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to your home, you can consider buying natural stone floor tiles. But before you look for natural stone tiles in Melbourne, it is essential to understand their advantages and disadvantages. That will make you know exactly what to expect from your floor once it is laid. 

Natural stone floor tiles are readily available in any tile shops in Sydney. However, you need to understand the essential fact that each tile is different. Sometimes tiles from the same manufacturer and the same batch are not identical.

People looking for perfectly matched tiles should not incline towards stone tiles. But if you want to buy slabs of natural uniqueness, here are some handy tips to consider while you purchase floor tiles. 

Natural Stone Tiles in Melbourne
Natural Stone Tiles in Melbourne

Don't go for an exact colour match

The majority of the tile shops in Sydney will display several types of tiles in the showcase. Do not make your purchasing decision by looking at the display items. You must see the entire batch from which your tiles will be coming. The samples available are not always the same as those delivered. The veining and colour will be almost identical but not exact photocopies. The overall look will offer a natural appearance, but they will not be an exact colour match.  

Consider the surface texture

The surface texture is another vital point to consider. You will rarely find a tile that will come with a perfectly flat surface. The face of the flooring will no doubt come with some dents, and the edges will bear chips. However, these are standard features noticed in the softer materials like marble and limestone.

The porosity, hardness, and thickness of the tiles are also important factors to consider. If you are looking for tiles to be laid on your hallway, soft stones will be extremely unsuitable. Buying porous tiles in Melbourne for your bathroom is also a big no-no.  

Which grout to choose?

The choice of grout is equally essential, as the selection of the tiles. Grout comes in a wide variety of textures and colours. Whether you buy grout that will be in sync with the look of the tiles or not, it is of immense importance to make sure the result is successful. Maintaining the grout is also of enormous importance. Remember here that a pale-coloured grout is a widely used floor will no doubt get dirty quickly. Moreover, temperature and humidity also affect the colour of the grout.

Stone Floor Tiles
Stone Floor Tiles

Sealing needs of the tiles

The sealing need of the tiles depends on the type of stone you buy and the place where you lay the tile. Put in simple words; natural stone tiles need sealing. A suitable sealant will help in preserving the unique beauty of the stone, make it less porous and also protect the surface from stains.

To conclude, natural stone tiles in Melbourne are more affordable now than they were in the past, making such tiles a pocket-friendly option. The cost of installation is also low when compared to porcelain and ceramic tiles. 


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