Importance Of Digital Menu Board For Restaurants

Keep in mind that today, most of your clientele will check your restaurant's menu through the Internet. That is why the website of your restaurant must offer the option to consult the menu and be well visible at all times. Also, make sure that your customers can check your letter via mobile and present a responsive design that allows you to read it without problems.

The digital menu is the collection of the whole cooking concept of the place. The quality and variety of your supplies and inventory, the level of experience and specialty of the personnel you hire. The necessary equipment and facilities will depend on the type of food you offer on your menu and its extension. Do not forget that, 80% of potential customers want to know the dishes offered by the locals before going, and of them, 70% prefer to inform themselves through the Smartphone. Today, digital menu boards for restaurants are very important for every restaurant, cafe and many other places.

Following are the importance of Digital Menu Board For Restaurants:

1) A digital menu is worth it

Screens with digital signage replace traditional menus and posters. Show more realistic expectations of what your food is like and attract people. It allows you to emphasize your hunger. Digital menus effect where customers' eyes go. Take advantage of typography, colors, images, videos, sounds, and animations. Entertain your customers and let them know the food while they wait to get their tables or pass in front of their restaurant.

Of course, the artistic character path menu looks great (if made by great artists), but it can mean a lot of information concentrated on the same surface. Digital menus are crisp, bright, and clear, make the space smarter, make your signage easy to read and fun to watch.

2) Digital menus create a more memorable customer experience

The digital menu boards entertain and inform customers. Digital signage outside the restaurant is more likely that customers are walking outside than the typical menu printed inside the glass frame. It goes far beyond the list of available dishes, including fascinating graphics, food, deals, and all other information you want your customers to know. Even the report per plate calories and content to allergic patients can you imagine showing all of this to a traditional printed menu? Very few cardboard or plastic signs can make the mouth water. Use the digital menu to distinguish yourself from your rivals. And take it as a prominent opportunity from a crowd that is already lagging.

3) Continue to operate 24 hours a day

As mentioned above, the digital signage menu takes your restaurant out of the facilities you are in. Forget the habit of "assaulting" overseas customers by offering menus in more or less fortunate brochures. Of course, you can also view the product at the time the product is closed. Is your restaurant on-site? People would like to visit your property again! 

4) Saving 

Changing the information in the menu using a marker, corrector and opaque stickers takes a few points from any cafe and restaurant. Besides, with prolonged use, ordinary menus lose their appearance. The menu that has lost its appeal is indecent to serve its guests, and replacing it each time requires costs - as does printing seasonal offers. Using digital menus allows you to instantly change information on all devices at once - if a dish has ended, its price has grown or the chef has come up with a new dessert. For chain restaurants and cafes at gas stations, this will not only reduce the cost of printing new copies. It also allows you to centrally change information at all points, distribute new commercials and promotions throughout the network in literally minutes.

5) Consumer loyalty growth

Customers appreciate originality, fascination, and speed of order. Digital menus allow you to receive customer feedback - you can use the feedback forms and service quality assessment systems. Besides, digital technologies provide unlimited opportunities for implementing loyalty programs: you can provide the opportunity to study the accumulated points and discounts awaiting an order.

How can a digital letter help your restaurant?

Restaurants have evolved to the point of becoming more than a place to eat. At the moment in which a user chooses a type of establishment, such as the fact that the quality of the food is always the maximum possible, that the Comfort is what you expect.

1. Profile the digital menu for your restaurant

If something has to be changed from the menu, with the printed classics they will have no choice but to cross out or add something written by hand (which will be very shabby). Reprint everything with the expense that this entails Instead; they can use digital signage to change the menu in a very simple way and display it through the screens

On the other hand, one of the big problems of printed menus is the condensation of information. If we have written too much text, this could harm the client's eyes and it could become saturated. Instead, they can gradually display the information through the screens so that it can be deferred more easily. (So that the typical, post-analysis paralysis)

Of course, don’t forget that everything that appears on a screen immediately captures customer attention. In this way, offering an innovative menu will encourage you to come back again.

2. Direct communication with the client through menu boards

Thanks to the digital menus that establish a direct channel of communication with the client:

We can share more information and, at the same time, it will be easier to understand.

We can expand and customize it with different formats to get attention.

It gives us the possibility of being able to launch data on different offers and outstanding events.

It will help us to be able to program the information at the moment in which we may need it.

It also integrates with social networks so we can easily share all the content on them.

The competition moves by leaps and bounds, much more in the world related to restaurants. For this reason, these elements can make a difference.

3. They make your business more attractive

If the customer spends a lot of time in your restaurant, it means that he is having a good time and there is much more chance that he will invest again in our business. A digital menu for restaurants can help you with this: they can share from animations, videos, to simple images to be able to attract more attention than a simple text would. One of the great advantages of this type of content is the movement: the client cannot resist the movement that these screens comprise.


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