What Is A Gutter Guard And The Installation Process Involved?

A good looking homemade up of specially slanted roofs looks elegant and classy. Incorporation of these specific roofing materials elevates the overall aesthetics of your apartment and also helps to maintain an efficient drainage system. During monsoons, the rainwater is contaminated with various dust particles and other pollutants. These pollutants present in the water can result in the clogging of drainage pipes. Therefore, to overcome these problems, the solutions offered by the gutter guard can be incorporated.

What is a gutter guard?

The main function of a gutter mesh is to filter out the water flowing across the lining of roofs. This improves the lifespan of pipes by reducing the risks of damaging that can be experienced with corrosion, overweighting, etc. A gutter guard separates the dirt and debris from the water by its tiny holes and brushes. It facilitates the flow of water through the pipe without getting clogged.

Types of Gutter Guard

Before knowing the installation process of a gutter guard, it is essential to be aware of the types of the gutter guard as the installation process varies for the type of gutter guard. The various types of the gutter guard are enlisted below:

Gutter Mesh

This type of gutter guard has holes that allow smooth flow of water by removing the particles like leaves, dirt, and solid particles, etc. The Gutter mesh is widely used across the world to purify the water from solid waste. The cleaning process initiated with this gutter guard requires effort as the small dirt particles that accumulate at the place gets deposited on the layers of the pipes.

Brush Gutter Guard

This gutter guard does not cover the opening of the pipe, instead, it emerges out of the pipe. This kind of gutter guard has brushes mounted inside along the path of water. These brushes trap the solid particles with pointed ends and the water flows along with the brush root tips easily. This kind of gutter guard is cleaned by using the hands or by normal picking. Brush gutter guard also needs to be maintained regularly.

Foam Gutter Guard

As the name suggests, this gutter guard is also placed over the layer of pipe. Since these foams are rich in moisture, therefore, some people take this advantage to grow small plants on the top of their roof.

How to install a gutter guard?

These gutter guards are installed in the following manner:

Clean the Pipe

The first and foremost step of installing the gutter guard is to make sure that the pipe/gutter is neat and clean. If not, then the pipe should be rinsed with water and soap to make it clean.

Prepare Nuts and Bolts

As per the type of gutter guard is concerned, collect the equipment required for connecting the gutter guard with the pipe. For example, gutter mesh requires small nuts and bolts to fix it on the pipe.

Mounting of Gutter Guards

After collecting the right type of joining elements, it is the right time to assemble all the materials together. Fix the bolts and nuts in the between pipe and gutter mesh.

Checking of the Gutter Guard

After installation, the gutter mesh should be checked properly whether it is working properly or not. Check by sprinkling some amount of water over the roof.


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