16 Tips for Digital Signage Solutions Success

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage Solutions

Businesses are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to appeal to their targets. A unique approach does get noticed more, and when done efficiently, can become much more useful than traditional methods. With the evolution of technology today, we have a smart way to do just about anything. Integrated computers and technologies help us do previously impossible things. 

Digital signage is the new approach to dynamically communicating your business message with the help of electronic displays. Its use in many offices and institutions is not limited only to advertise, but also offers a great deal of information and functionality to the customers. Here's a look at why these systems are soon going to become the standard. In the following, we'll help you understand how digital signage can take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Tips for the success of a digital signage solution:

1) In-house Branding

Whether it is a retail outlet, superstore, fast-food chain, office, or bank, an in-house environment makes an impact on the customer's perceived service experience. By installing the best digital signage solution inside the facility, a business can improve its in-house branding to enhance the positive perception of the brand. 

2) Customer Satisfaction

Digital signage solutions are playing an essential role in increasing customer satisfaction. Recently, a survey was conducted to examine the trends in the fast-food industry, where 37% of restaurant managers agreed that their customers' satisfaction has gone up after they installed digital menus. Similarly, the digital information boards at different restaurants have also brought similar results in the hospitality industry.

3) Sales Growth

There is a direct relationship between the installation of digital signage solutions and sales growth. This is particularly true for retail outlets and restaurants. As per the report by the Guardian newspaper, McDonald's UK stores achieved momentous sales growth after the installation of digital menus. The LCD/LED panels to help visitors/customers make sound decisions and search the desired item easily. Besides, they also promote important announcements, deals, and discount offers by highlighting them. Motion graphics, repeat telecast of the videos, and promos can improve customers' product knowledge that helps in sales growth.

4) Revenue Generation

A service provider can earn a lot of revenue by displaying third-party advertisements. A perfect example of this can be a public sector hospital. Many health-care centres in the USA have installed digital signage kiosks that not only help in way-finding but also run promotional content that earns them revenue. Similarly, FMCG companies prefer running their advertisements in retail stores, supermarkets, and big chains that help the host location earn revenue.

5) Allocation of Resources

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to allocate a particular amount that you will be spending on advertising your company. You also need to set the scale of the advertising campaign that you will be doing, because this will help you determine the digital signage solutions that your business needs. Digital solutions are more expensive compared to conventional static banners, so you need to know the amount that your company can afford.

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage Solutions

6) Effectiveness of the Digital Solution

The allocation also plays a significant role in the effectiveness of the signage digital solutions you will use. Despite how advanced technology is, it will not be effective as people may see. Therefore you should find places where you can monitor it for it to be seen by everyone in the area

7) Encouraging Community 

Digital signage is a representation of an opportunity that engenders sense into the community. Therefore the sign content needs to cater to all the needs within the community or the set up of the online signage solution.

8) Reputable Signage Solution Installer

You should find the right installer who can link all the systems and provide content, support, and ideas. You should, therefore, choose a group with an established brand to prevent the technical errors that may occur in the future.

9) Location 

This is an essential tip. The screens and walls should be mounted on the wall placed on a public place that is crowded most of the time. For instance, retail shops should place the screens in high areas where customers can see them easily.

10) Content

The success in digital signage solutions is based on the content. This is an essential part of the digital signage solution. It means the content should focus on the product or service during that time. This will avoid easy confusion while giving a direct message to the market.

The most crucial factor that should be considered when using digital signage solutions is content. Always remember that you are using digital solutions because it allows you to show more content and to better interact with your audience. The content of your digital solutions should provide useful content that people may find interesting and informative. Regardless of how much you spent on advertising, and where you installed your digital signage solutions, it won't be effective without the right content.

11) Simplicity

The best solutions are those that are sophisticated enough to do the job but still simple to operate and manage. Therefore choosing a solution that requires simple input will save you the workforce costs. It is essential to consider solutions that will accommodate your business for an extended period.

12) Legibility and Readability

This is another crucial tip you should consider while creating a digital signage solution. It is also necessary to be aware of how far the signs will be placed. While creating the designs, you should have the concept of distance in mind. Failure to which, the text might be too small or crowded to other viewers

13) Information Hierarchy 

The headline of the information is what catches the first attention of the viewers. This is important because the readers may not be interested in reading the rest of the information. This means the headline should be short, concise, and clear to represent the message of the content. It should be large and bolded within the message

14) Layout Concepts and Resolution Safe Areas 

When designing the message, ensure there are enough buffers along the edges of the message. The reason for this is to ensure the message can be read clearly. You may also decide to incorporate images and graphic elements in cases when the text is close to the edge

15) Typography 

Most of the messages will be displayed in the form of topography. Therefore this makes it the most significant element that should be considered when designing a digital signage solution. Above all, ensure the message is concise and simple.

16) Budget and the size or scale of the system

This is another thing you should consider, and it includes the number of monitors as well as Screens needed. The advertisement may be more expensive compared to traditional Monitors; however, this will depend on the budget of the company.

Overall, innovation is the single most significant driving force of the modern global economy. Like all other fields, marketing is experiencing a rapid change as new applications and technologies are being introduced that make campaigns more successful and productive. One such technique is digital signage that is making its way faster into almost every industry.


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