How to Select the best Varsity for MBA in Singapore? 6 Parameters to Look for

When you are a degree holder and looking for every possible opportunity to climb to the corporate ladder, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) seems to be the only way out. The courses are designed not only to hone the managerial skill but also to widen professional networking. You might have considered different varsities and schools offering an MBA degree. You might have also jotted down the names of the top institutes. But confusion prevails!

According to the experts, sorting out the names of the top institutes might work but there are other parameters as well that would do the talking. Apart from MBA rankings, the following are some of the essential things to look out for before choosing the right MBA college in Singapore—

Checking the Programmes Available with the College

Every college has its own flagship programme to offer. Check out whether you are eligible for that program or not. If not, make sure that the other programs are also at par with the market. It is equally important to check out the field of interest. For example, the course finance can be the best EMBA in Singapore for that particular college. But, does it suit your taste. According to the experts, there is no need to enrol into a course that cannot pound in the interest of you.

Consider the Ranking & Affiliation of the College

It is the second most important thing to keep into consideration before selecting the college in Singapore. MBA rankings do tell a lot about a particular college or varsity. It is, therefore, necessary to check out the cumulative ranking of the different courses that the particular institute offers.

Apart from the ranking, it is necessary to look into the affiliation as well. Preference should be equally be given on this as well before making the selection.

Course Fees of the Different Varsities

Top colleges have fees on the higher side. Also, the fees of the courses differ in the same college. It is therefore recommended to keep a check on the fees as well. Experts suggest that considering the fees is always going to play a pivotal role in the rest of the year and even after getting the job.

It should not be the prime factor because a good college with a higher return on investment (ROI) would help pay off all the education loans.

Placement and ROI (Return on Investment)

The purpose of enrolling in an MBA course is to give a boost to the career. However, it might prove fatal if the college does not have a good placement record. There are varsities that are high on MBA rankings but some of their courses do not have the greatest of the ROI. According to the experts, one should try to avoid such courses from that college.

For example, to find a college that offers the best EMBA Singapore course, one must look for the flagship course from that particular college. A person should always aim for higher and hence if another college offers the same course with better ROI and stands a little lower than the best MBA rankings colleges; one should always opt for the course from the college with better ROI. It is because, at the end of the day, what matters the most is money and job satisfaction.

The infrastructure of the College

Another factor that matters significantly is the infrastructure of the college. There are at times when the colleges with the best MBA rankings open another branch at some different location. Such campuses do not have the proper infrastructure and would always need a couple of years to develop and work full-fledged. It will be a judicious decision to look out for a better option rather than going for the brand name.

Teacher Student Ratio

No matter whether it is an MBA or EMBA, the teacher-student ratio should always be kept in consideration. The courses of EMBA from the best varsities too maintain a healthy teacher-student ratio. This ascertains that the learning experience in the class moves on smoothly.


There are several other parameters that play a crucial role in the selection of the best college for MBA in Singapore. EMBA too has the same role to play and hence, the college selection should be done judiciously.


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