Tips for proper care and maintenance of plywood

Are you looking for plywood for sale? Most of the timber products are left unfinished to give a natural look for the product. When it becomes old also it develops new character and gives a different look for the product but proper maintenance and care of the product are very important. The furniture made up of plywood is costly so it must be taken proper care to increase the life period of the furniture. In this article let us discuss some useful tips for maintaining and caring for the plywood products used in your house. 

Tips for maintaining the plywood furniture:

  • Do not leave the timber furniture in the direct sunlight for a long time because the sunlight will tan the colour of the timber. If you like to maintain the natural colour of the timber for a long period then you must apply UV timber finish to protect the furniture colour from UV light. 
  • Take care of the product from moisture and exposure to other elements. When you are not using the timber product store it in the cool and dry place. 
  • Natural oils like flowers, foods, oils, blu-tack, moisturized and oily hands will form stains in the plywoods. 
  • Be careful while handling timbers near the liquid area because the liquid spills will form a mark on the plywood surface. Immediately absorb the water content using soft cloths. 
  • Most of the timber product needs less cleaning and only one maintenance task required for timber product is dusting. For removing the dust and dirt you must use a dry and soft cloth. 
  • Direct contact of heat must be avoided and try not to place any abrasive object on the timber products. 
  • If you identify any scratch mark on the plywood surface or if there are any nicks then sand the damaged area using the grit and fine sandpapers. Solve the issues as early as possible to save time and money. If you do not notice it in the early stage then you must replace the whole flooring or the furniture. 
  • If you want to refresh the appearance of the plywood product then you can sand the product using sandpaper. Experts recommend you to do this process once in two years. 

Quality plywood for sale:

If you want a perfect finish for the timber product then add a finishing layer to it. Some of the products used for timber finishing are beeswax and satin finish with an ultraclear exterior UV timber finish. Both the above-mentioned products will be available in the local hardware stores. The colour of the product will become darker after applying wax and satin. Do not apply lacquer finish for the timber products since it increases the thickness which will affect the properties and other elements of the wood or timber. 

Some of the alternative finishing methods available for timber products are whitewashing use diluted white colour paint, use water-based timber stain colour, if you like to enrich the warm look of the timber then use linseed oil. Before applying to do a test patch on a sample piece.


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