Determination Of Operational Defects And Performance Of A Hydraulic Ram Pump

The hydraulic ram pump is a kind of water pump that is powered by water present at some height difference. It is installed in places where the natural flow of water exists from a height over small distances. One of the main utilities of the hydraulic ram pump is to transfer water to a higher level without the use of any fuel.

Working Principle:

The device has a very simple working principle. It works by making use of the water hammer effect in order to develop pressure. This power ensures that the portion of the water pumped powers the pump to lift the water to a height from where it was originally started. During the entire process, the kinetic energy of the water is taken into consideration.

Advantages associated with the Hydraulic Ram Pump:

There are several advantages associated with the use of the hydraulic ram pump. These are—

  • The entire mechanism uses the renewable source of energy
  • If the entire system is designed properly, the fault associated will be less and if any fault exists, it can be produced and maintained
  • The entire system finds its utility and effectiveness in the mountainous region

Performance of a Hydraulic Ram Pump:

Since the kinetic energy of the water is taken into consideration for the operation, therefore, it is considered that a height of approximately 30 times the actual drive head present can be pumped. The drive head is defined as the difference in the height of the water that drives the pump). In other words, if the drive head is of 1 metre, then the hydraulic ram pump has the ability to pump ~30 metres of water.

Another parameter that defines the performance of the pump is the scale. It is the diameter of the tube that delivers water to the pump.

Operational Defect Associated with the Hydraulic Ram Pump (HRP):

Being a mechanical device, it can face operational issues. These need to be identified and mended in order to get the best of it. The following are some of the common problems associated with a hydraulic ram pump—

  • Alteration in the Air Chamber Pressure

The air pressure inside the chamber plays a crucial role in the overall performance of HRP. According to the professionals, any alteration in the air pressure affects the water hammer pressure. Water would start flowing inside the air chamber which in the long run might reduce the velocity to zero. Hence, the kinetic energy required for the operation turns to potential energy and the entire system stands non-functional.

  • Alteration in the Overall Supply Head

The change in the supply head has a direct relation to the performance of the hydraulic ram pump. Greater the supply head, higher will be the supply of the water. Thus, in order to transfer water at a large height, the supply too has to be high.


In addition to all this, routine maintenance stands important. Blockages of the valve because of impurities, pipe leakages, and non-functional pressure vessels are some of the issues that might arise in the entire system with time. These need to be dealt with effective and efficient measures. 


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