Different Types Of Swimming Pool Tiles

The swimming pool tile is one of the visually appealing parts of the swimming pool. They provide both function and aesthetic elements for the swimming pool. For better look, design and ambience of the landscape, most house owners select tile as the best option. There are different types of swimming pool tiles available in the market. So selecting the best is a little difficult. 

If you are planning to use tile for the swimming pool then some of the designs that can be used for constructing the swimming pool are complex water features, tanning edge, spa spillways, and negative edge pool. Some tile types used in the swimming pool are porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and glass. In this article let us discuss some best types of swimming pool tiles.

Different types of swimming pool tiles:

Porcelain and ceramic swimming pool tile:

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are one of the common swimming pool tiles. This tile type can be painted with different designs and it is also available in a mosaic format. To match the swimming pool tile with the surrounding area you can use textured ceramic tile for the swimming pool. To highlight the pool borders you can use glazed textured porcelain tiles. For continuous design, some contractors mix porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass tile. The installation and cleaning process of porcelain and ceramic tiles is very easy when compared with the other tiles. 

Blue Mosaic pool tile:

If you like to have a colourful swimming pool then the best option is the blue mosaic pool tile. Mosaic tiles are available in different sizes, designs and colours. It can be used at the bottom and the borders of the swimming pool. If you are using mosaic tile for the swimming pool then once in two years drain all the water from the swimming and do a deep clean to remove the dirt, accumulation of chemical, algae and mould. 

Glass swimming pool tiles:

Glass swimming pool tile has plenty of advantages when compared with other tiles. Glass tiles are available in different designs and colours. It also provides depth for the swimming pool. The colours used in the glass tiles are broad and deep. Glass tiles are a little difficult to install. Glass tiles are a little expensive when compared with the other tile type. It can cover the whole surface of the swimming pool. Glass tiles are more durable. It is non- porous. It is transparent and highlights the nature of the water. You can also customize the design as per your requirement. Glass tiles are available in different quality. The cost of the glass tile depends on the quality of the glass tile. 

Stone tile:

If you want to have a Mediterranean style or classical style swimming pool then the best option is stone tiles. It gives a natural feel. You can also match the swimming pool with the surrounding places like deck and patio. Some designs of stone tile are bluestone, sandstone, flagstone, travertine, slate, and polished granite. For the swimming pool, the designers mostly use semi-polished granite.


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